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Smart Home Security Tips

Best Practices for Choosing a Secure Smart Lock Passcode

In a way, a smart lock system is only as smart as the passcode you set. Discover the best practices for creating a password that is uncrackable to the outside world. We'll also give you tips for memorizing and protecting your entry code once it's been set.

5 Ways Single Mothers Can Benefit From Indoor Cameras

Being a single mother means you're the sole provider and protector of the household. It can be a heavy burden, but you don't have to carry it the hard way. Find out how indoor security cameras can simplify parenting and help you keep your kids safe, even when you're not home.

6 Home Security Tips for Your Backyard and Patio

As a homeowner, you've invested time and money into your backyard to create a beautiful outdoor space. The problem is your outdoor items are now exposed to the elements and could be targeted by thieves. Use these six tips to protect your yard.

Smart Garages: Protecting Your Home and Car

Find out why protecting your garage with the best smart home security is just as important as protecting your home. In this article, we'll walk you through the importance of securing your garage, why burglars favor this point of entry, and how to protect your vehicles.

5 Ways to Keep Your Basement From Flooding

Flooded basement got you down? All it takes is one heavy rainfall, a spring thaw, or a busted pipe to completely soak your basement and everything in it. Gather the tips and know-how you need to prevent your basement from flooding.
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