How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient in 10 Minutes

Home automation is one of the best investments you can make for your home in the area of energy efficiency. If you want to have an energy-efficient home, start here. With this system in place, it will take just minutes to adjust and control the amount of energy you are using. As a result, you save money, and you protect the environment. Of course, there are a great many other ways to reduce your energy costs. Here are a few steps to get you started in the process.

#1: Use home automation for temperature control

One of the simplest steps you can take to reduce your energy use is to turn the furnace or air conditioning off. Of course, that’s not always possible. With smart temperature control systems, though, you can drastically reduce how much energy you are using. These systems can be programmed to kick on at various temperatures at various times at the day, minimizing heating and cooling costs for an empty home.

#2: Install a small appliance control tool

With the flip of a remote access panel icon, you can easily turn off your small appliances in your home. Did you know that your toaster, coffee pot, and microwave use energy even when they are off? This is a simple way to reduce your energy usage.

#3: Use a door and window sensor

With a door and window sensor, you can easily tell—even remotely—when your doors or windows are open. Reduce your energy loss by remembering to close windows in your home. It’s simple and takes just a few minutes.

#4: Gain better control over your home security

With home automation systems in place, your home security system can work more efficiently. Allow the two to work together to save on energy.

#5: Schedule various tasks remotely

You can use the system to schedule various tasks when you need them to run. That may include turning lights on or off, for example. By scheduling things like this, you don’t forget to do something that could save you money.

#6: Keep computers off when not in use

With an appliance controller, you can keep your home’s desktop computers, laptops, and other devices off when not in use. If your kids leave the computer running all the time, you’ll appreciate this feature.

#7: Ensure your audio systems are off when not in use

That big screen TV, home theater system, or other big electronics use a great deal of energy. With these appliance tools, you can quickly and easily turn these items off.

There are plenty of additional ways to save money. You can always use these systems to minimize overuse of energy by tailoring them to meet your specific goals. All you need to do is work with a professional from Vivint to customize a system that meets your unique goals for energy efficiency.

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