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A safer, smarter home starts with optimal door and window security.

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    Reliable detection

    Know who’s coming and going throughout the day with fast, accurate door and window alarms.

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    Instant alerts

    Wireless sensors communicate with your Vivint Hub and app to sound alarms and send you alerts, instantly.

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    Battery powered

    Seamless integration and quick, dependable detection, powered by a 5-year battery life.

Versatile protection

Keep tabs on cabinets and safes

Prevent disasters, protect what matters. Vivint Door and Window Sensors can also be used on cabinets and safes, so you can minimize the risk of children accessing harmful substances, and maximize the protection of valuables in your home.

Double down on doors

Two types of detection, all the same protection

Did you know Vivint carries two types of door sensors? The Door and Window Sensor is surface-mounted, but the Door Sensor is recessed or installed on the inside of the door. Because sometimes the smartest security is hidden from sight.

Door and Window Sensor specs

2.7″ h x 1.0″ w x 0.5″ d (sensor), 1.4″ h x 0.6″ w x 0.4″ d (magnet)
345 MHz
Screws and adhesives
1 CR2032 battery
5+ years
1 year or the length of your Vivint Service Agreement, whichever is longer
Chimes can be disabled
Indoor use only
Useful on doors, windows, cabinets, safes, and more
Battery life depends on usage
support system

24/7 monitoring for door and window alarms

We’re always there and ready to respond in an emergency, even if you can’t. Whether you’re at home or away, if a door sensor is tripped or window alarm sounds, you will be connected to a smart home security specialist who can help.


Installed by the pros, perfectly

Our certified smart home pros deal with wiring, syncing devices, and placement, ensuring that every door, window and blind spot is covered. More good news: professional installation is included in your smart home package.

Frequently asked Door and Window Sensor questions

How do window alarms work?

Window alarms work using a contact sensor and a magnet. The contact sensor attaches to the stationary window frame and the magnet attaches to the moving part of the window. When your window is opened and contact between these two pieces is broken, the window sensor sends a signal to your control panel, and the alarm is triggered. Vivint window sensors can also be used on doors. In fact, installing door and window alarms is one of the 10 simplest ways to secure your home.

How to install window sensors

You can install window sensors yourself, but we recommend professional installation to ensure speed and accuracy. Vivint window sensors are mounted using a strong adhesive strip on the back, making them easy to set up and secure. Give us a call to schedule your installation by a Vivint security expert.

To install your own Vivint window sensors:

  1. Place the larger half of the sensor on the window frame, parallel to the closed window.
  2. Place the smaller half of the sensor directly on the window, right next to the larger half. The sensors will need to be less than an inch apart to work effectively.

Learn more about DIY vs. professional installation and why we recommend the latter.

What kind of door sensors does Vivint use?

Vivint has two kinds of door alarm sensors—the Door and Window Sensor, and the Door Sensor. Both are wireless and highly effective, so whichever you select for your home depends on your individual needs and/or preferences.

These door sensors can further be classified by the ways they are placed or installed:

  • A recessed door sensor is installed inside the door itself. These sensors provide a hidden, seamless look, and require professional installation.
  • Surface-mounted sensors are mounted directly on the door. This makes them easier to be moved as needed. Learn more about how door and window sensors work.
Does opening a window set off an alarm?

Opening a window will set off an alarm if you’ve installed window sensors and your system is armed. Vivint door and window alarm sensors are home security basics and crucial to a safer, smarter home. They keep you safe from intrusion or theft, and they can even save you money as one of the 6 small smart devices that prevent major property damage.

What are the different types of sensors?

Vivint carries a wide range of security sensors that cover every entry point. The Vivint door sensor and window alarms add an extra layer of protection at entrances, Vivint Motion Sensors alert you to unexpected movement, the Vivint Glass Break Detector lets you know if a window’s been broken, and all are monitored around the clock by our award-winning support team.

Learn what types of sensors are the most important to include in your home.

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