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Why a DIY Home Security System Might Not Be for You

Anyone who has looked into buying a home security system has been faced with this question: DIY or professionally installed? See why this customer decided not to take the dive into DIY.


How to Find the Perfect Babysitter

Every mom deserves a date night. Use these tips to find the perfect babysitter for your little ones and reignite the flame with your hubby.


The ABC’s of Making Your Home a Smart Home

Smart home technology is the next big advancement in the world of tech. Turning your current home into a smart home should be simple. That's why we've put together a simple list of what makes a home "smart."


The Basic Home Security Checklist Every Home Needs

Have you ever gotten on the highway only to remember you never closed your garage door? Use this simple checklist to ensure your entire home is safe and secure before you walk out the door.


3 Crazy Predictions Disneyland’s Innoventions Got Right

Disneyland's Innoventions attraction housed some pretty outlandish guesses of what future technology would look like. Turns out several of those predictions actually came true.

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