Smart Home Pro teaching a Vivint customer how to use their system

Identifying Official
Vivint Representatives
vs. Scammers

Verify a representative

Authorized representatives will have the following: an authorized uniform, ID badge and official ID number

Please call 844.481.8630 to report any unauthorized personnel claiming to be associated with Vivint.

Verifying id
  • Verified.
  • Name:
  • Rep ID#:
  • If they don’t have an ID number, they don’t work for Vivint.

Unauthorized personnel may
claim false statements

Sometimes our customers are misled by representatives from other companies
or manufacturers and unknowingly enter into another contract while they are still under
contract with Vivint, Inc.

  • Truth: We've been in business for 20 years and have over 2 million customers and counting. 

    False: “Vivint has gone out of business.”

  • Truth: We continue to innovate and provide award-winning products and services.

    False: “Vivint has outdated products”

  • Truth: Vivint Smart Home operates across all of North America, including 98% of U.S. zip codes, and delivers award-winning service.

    False: “Vivint has left your area”


  • Truth: We will never send someone from a manufacturer to inspect or upgrade your system, unless it is a Smart Home Pro.

    False: “We are affiliated with Vivint and are here to upgrade your equipment”


How to safeguard against scams

Your peace of mind matters. Here are some tips to protect it.


    Know the facts

    Stay up to date on Vivint news, product releases, upgrades, service updates, and more, on our website, blog, or social media. With Vivint, you’ll always be in the know.


    Double check the details

    Besides verifying a rep’s badge ID, there are other ways to do your due diligence. Always check the fine print before signing any contract to avoid being billed by another company.


    Report suspicious activity

    We’re here to help you 24/7. If you’ve observed any suspicious activity, want to ask about rep in your area, or have any questions or concerns, fill out the form below.

In-home consultation

Smart Home Pros, Inc. is the only dealer authorized to sell Vivint products and services through direct-to-home channels.

Professional installation

A Smart Home Pro is a trained professional who will come to your home to install your system or perform maintenance.