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Please call 866.870.2268 to report any unauthorized personnel claiming to be associated with Vivint.

Authorized representatives will have the following:

  • An authorized uniform
  • An ID badge
  • An official ID number

In-Home Consultation

Smart Home Pros, Inc. is the only dealer authorized to sell Vivint products and services through direct-to-home channels.

Professional Installation

A Smart Home Pro is a trained professional who will come to your home to install your system or perform maintenance.

Vivint Inc.

Authorized Service Provider

Unauthorized personnel will claim false statements such as:

Sometimes our customers are misled by representatives from other companies or manufacturers and unknowingly enter into another contract while they are still under contract with Vivint, Inc.


“Vivint has gone out of business.”


We’ve been in business for 15+ years and have over 1,000,000 customers and counting.


"Vivint has outdated products."


We continue to innovate and provide award-winning products and services.

See our awards here


“Vivint has left your area.”


Vivint Smart Home™ operates across all of North America and delivers award-winning services.


“We are affiliated with Vivint and are here to upgrade your equipment”


We will never send someone from a manufacturer to inspect or upgrade your system, unless it is a Smart Home Pro.

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