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Vivint Smart Hub

The heart of a truly smart home.

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Elegant user interface

Makes operating your smart home easy and intuitive.

7" HD touch display

Makes controlling your home and seeing it’s status easy.

Instant two-way talk

Speak to family, visitors, or monitoring agents through your panel.

Central control hub

One control dashboard for your entire smart home.

Backup battery

Keeps your systems running when power goes out.

Cellular connected and encrypted WiFi

Creates a secure network with a dedicated signal.

Click here to learn about our secondary display, Glance.

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5.7” h x 8.1” w x 0.9” d

Power Usage

12 VDC / 1.5A; backup battery powersdevice for at least 24 hours

Touch Screen

7" with 1024 x 600 resolution andcapacitive multi-touch


Built-in speaker and microphone,supporting 2-way voice

Siren Level


Connectivity Radios

WiFi, Z-Wave, 345 MHz


Dual band 802.11 b/g/n WiFiLTE cellular module

Product Protection Plan

Free replacement for defective hardware if subscribing to a Vivint service plan (may require a separate site visit fee)

Click here to learn about our secondary display, Glance.

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Connect and control from one place

No more wandering the house flipping switches and punching keypads before bed. Vivint Smart Hub bundles all your smart home controls in one place, giving you control of lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, and security systems from one spot.

Enjoy easy,
intuitive navigation

With Smart Hub, you manage your entire smart home from one place—a key part of what makes a Vivint Smart Home so great. Not only does it seamlessly connect all your smart home components, its 7” HD touchscreen makes controlling everything super easy.

A safer home starts here

Smart Hub allows you to view security camera footage so you can monitor activity around your home from a safe, secure location. In case of emergency, Smart Hub comes with a panic button to sound the alarm and open instant communication with Vivint’s 24/7 security monitoring.

Encrypted network

Backup battery

Wireless signal

A secure signal equals a secure home.

It takes a secure wireless network to create complete home security. And that’s why Smart Hub encrypts smart home signals—to protect your smart home devices and archived video recordings. Rest easy knowing your system, your home, and the people in it are safe.

Stay connected—and protected—when the power goes out.

Should your system lose power, not to worry. Smart Hub’s backup battery keeps your smart home controls, security system, and notifications up and running long enough to keep you connected to your home till power issues are resolved.

Leave the wires for the birds

Smart Hub moderates all wireless communications between you and the Vivint Smart Home Cloud. And with no solid lines that could potentially be compromised, a dedicated cellular connection means more reliable communication and greater control and protection.

Vivint Glance Display

If you have SkyControl, you can get Glance as a secondary display with more flexible placement

Control where you want it




5.2” h x 8.1” w x 4.3” d

Power usage

12 VDC / 1.5A


Built-in speaker and microphone, supporting 2-way voice with doorbell and indoor cameras

Product Protection Plan

Free replacement for defective hardware if subscribing to a Vivint service plan

Connectivity Requirements

WiFi connection: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

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Flexible placement

HD touchscreen

Intuitive dashboard

Speaker and mic

Another home control option for more convenience

Control your entire smart home from bed, the kitchen, or the garage with a convenient, secondary smart home hub. Vivint Glance Display mounts to a wall or rests on a coffee table and gives you access to cameras, thermostats, lights, smoke detectors and more.

High resolution display makes viewing and reading easy

Glance gives you the same seven-inch HD touchscreen with the same user interface as SkyControl. When you add Glance to your smart home system, you can watch high-resolution video clips from your surveillance cameras without leaving your chair.

Controls that instantly feel familiar

Glance makes you feel right at home because home is something familiar. Glance gives you the same elegant dashboard as SkyControl to make navigating between all your smart home components an act of intuition.

See, hear, and speak to guests from

A built-in speaker and microphone provide two-way communication between Vivint Doorbell Camera, and Ping Camera. If you're in another room, and a guest arrives, Glance lets you quickly greet them, unlock the door, and lock up behind them.

Free professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Sign up with Vivint and Smart Home Pros will install your system and link your account in the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

Imagine a seamless
smart home experience

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