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Protect your vehicle, anywhere

With Vivint Car Guard, your vehicle’s always protected. Get disturbance alerts, track location, and even diagnose issues, all from your phone. It also syncs with your Vivint system for added vehicle security.


Know if someone
disturbs your car

Receive alerts right on your phone if anyone disturbs your car. Whether it’s bumped, towed, or stolen, you’ll be notified right away.


Always know where
your car is

GPS location tracking for your car lets you see exactly where your vehicle is at all times. If your car starts to move, you can get a notification. Worried about a teenager out late? You’ll know when they’re on their way home.


Car trouble—just
check your phone

Know what’s happening when the check engine light comes on. Through Car Guard, the Vivint app will tell you the specific issue so you know exactly what’s wrong. It makes for greater peace of mind and hopefully a quicker fix at the mechanic.


GPS and 4G LTE cell with US and Canadian SIMs for tracking and data transmission
Back-Up Battery
Yes (alerts on tamper or removal)
Location Tracking
Vehicle status—parked or moving. Share location via text, email, or Slack
Trip Details
Date and time, address start/complete, trip route, rapid accelerations, harsh braking, idling
3-axis to detect bumps, break-ins and tows
Car Condition
Battery life, issues (DTC) notices, recalls, service bulletins
Trip Statistics
Distance, duration, max speed, average speed, engine speed, fuel efficiency
Protection Plan
The Vivint Protection Plan* (VPP) offers ongoing support and coverage when you invest in a Vivint system. We’ll repair or replace eligible Vivint equipment without service fees or shipping charges for covered events as long as you’re enrolled in the program. This optional Protection Plan renews monthly, and you can cancel anytime without penalty.  
Limitations and exclusions apply—review the Terms and Conditions for complete details at

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with Car Guard

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Car guard

Protect your vehicle,

Vivint app

Secure your home and vehicle all in one single app

Monitor perfomance

Receive status updates or reminders for maintenance and mechanical problems

Security features

Record video, sound an alarm or turn on the lights when your vehicle is disturbed

Ease of use

Installation and setup are quick and easy


Get notified if your car is stolen, towed or just bumped wherever you are

Customize boundaries

Set boundaries that trigger smart features in the Vivint app


Locate family members or a car that has been towed or stolen

Data points

Understand driving style by tracking hard stops, accelerations and excessive idling



Your home protects your car

Imagine it’s after dark, the car’s in the driveway, and someone tries to break in. Since you have Vivint Car Guard integrated with your system, if the thief disturbs your car, the Outdoor Camera Pro starts recording, flashing a light and sounding a whistle. The thief runs away and your car is unharmed.

Combine products to unlock even more benefits

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
Outdoor Camera Pro
Product image of smart light bulb
Garage Door Control
Garage Door 
Vivint outdoor camera pro monitoring home perimeter

Record car thieves

Sync your Outdoor Camera Pro with Car Guard and it’ll start recording if your car’s disturbed. Vivint Smart Deter also activates light and sound to scare off thieves.

Image with a smart light bulb in the forefront with a lit nightstand lamp in the background

Thief walks up, lights turn on

Set your lights to activate when they sense motion in the driveway. It tells lurkers they’ve been spotted.

Car pulling up to a garage with garage door control

You back out, the garage door closes

Car Guard syncs with your Smart Garage Door Controller and system to close the garage and lock the doors as you leave the geofence around your home.


Installed by the pros, perfectly

Professional installation is included in your smart home package. Our certified Smart Home Pros deal with wiring, syncing devices, and placement, ensuring that every door, window, and blind spot is covered.

Frequently asked Car Guard questions

What is Vivint Car Guard?

Vivint Car Guard is a small device that plugs directly into your car’s OBD-II (Onboard Diagnostic II) port, expanding your smart home protection to include your vehicles.
It utilizes the same app that allows you to monitor home to provide vehicle security with location tracking and tamper alerts. Car Guard also includes an OBD-II scanner that provides diagnostics so you can better maintain the health of your car.
Installing Car Guard is simple and quick, with no wiring or tools needed. The entire process usually takes less than 5 minutes.

And Car Guard doesn’t require a contract: You simply pay a one-time fee for the device and your service plan is paid on a month-to-month basis.
Learn more about our OBD-II scanner.

What does a GPS tracker do?

A GPS tracker is a small device that plugs into your car and uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to pinpoint the vehicle’s location.
Depending on the tracker, it may also have other features that monitor the overall health and performance of the vehicle, keep track of speed and other driving habits, and even send you alerts if your car has been moved or tampered with. With a GPS tracker, you can also:

  1. Get help quickly in an emergency
  2. Monitor your teen drivers
  3. Recover a stolen vehicle faster
  4. Get trip details and stats

Learn more benefits of a GPS tracker.

How does Vivint Car Guard work with my security system?

One of the best features of Vivint Car Guard is its ability to integrate with your Vivint system, which allows you to extend all of the benefits of your home security system to your car. You can even set up your smart home’s lights, sensors, and Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro to protect your car.
The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro and Car Guard make the perfect combination. They work together to keep an eye on your car with:

  • Motion detection that identifies lurkers on your property
  • An LED light ring and warning tone that let trespassers know they’ve been spotted
  • Notifications sent directly to your phone, letting you know of suspicious activity

Together, Car Guard and the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro keep your car and property safe.

Why do I need a GPS tracker for my car?

Next to your home, your vehicle is one of your bigger investments. It makes sense to protect it. You’ll also want to protect the people in your car, whether it's you, a family member, or your newly licensed teen driver. You can do that with GPS trackers and diagnostic tools that provide information about the location of your car and the health of your vehicle. You can do that and more with Vivint Car Guard.

  • If your car is ever stolen, authorities can use a GPS tracker to see where your vehicle is
  • If you’re headed to an unfamiliar location, GPS can provide you with directions to your location
  • In an emergency, your vehicle is easy to find.

For worried parents, GPS tracking shows you where your teen’s car is located, along with details about their speed and driving habits.
Learn more about the benefits of a GPS tracker.

How does Car Guard know when my vehicle has a problem?

Vivint Car Guard integrates with the Vivint app to provide you with vehicle location tracking, disturbance alerts, and car diagnostics.
The Car Guard device installed in your car has an OBD II scanner that serves as a car diagnostic tool that alerts you to potential problems. With its OBD II scanner, in most instances Car Guard can recognize the specific problem that triggers your check engine light.
Should your car get stolen, you can access its GPS location via the Vivint app and know where your car is, and whether it’s parked or moving.
Vivint Car Guard goes beyond just tracking. It helps prevent car theft with its disturbance alert feature. If your car is bumped, towed, or a break-in is attempted, you’ll immediately be alerted on your phone.
Read more about how Car Guard can help you protect and maintain your vehicles.

Is Car Guard compatible with my car?

Car Guard will work with most vehicles that have an OBD II port. Check your car’s compatibility. *The majority of vehicles made after 1996 include an OBD II port.

Note that you can protect multiple vehicles with Car Guard, but you’ll need a device for each car: In the rare event that you experience a hardware failure, we will send you a new device at no charge.

Learn more about the convenience and protection Car Guard offers.

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