A smarter glass break sensor

Get a Glass Break Detector that can immediately detect glass breaking and instantly alert you to it.

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    Accurate alarms

    Three sensitivity levels and dual-shatter recognition mean your Glass Break sensor won’t mistake an accident for an intruder.

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    Live alerts

    The Glass Break Sensor sends notifications through the Smart Hub and Vivint app, so you know what’s happening as it happens.

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    Battery powered

    Enjoy wireless connectivity, versatile installation on walls and cielings, and consistent power for up to 5 years.

Smart Home Integration

Ensure all is well when glass is broken

If your glass sensor alarm sounds while you’re away, you’ll receive an alert on the Vivint app, where you can view live security camera feeds, turn on your smart lights, and make sure your home is secure.

double up on entryways

Every protection at every window

Round out your home security with the Vivint Glass Break Detector, which listens for breaking glass while your Vivint Door and Window Sensors keep entry points closed. Extra protection, easy peace of mind.

Glass break sensor specs

3.9″ h x 2.6″ w x 0.9″ d
345 MHz
Screws and bracket
2 CR123A batteries
3-5 years
1 year or the length of your Vivint Service Agreement, whichever is longer.
20′ radius without walls
Mounts on ceiling or wall
Low, medium, and high sensitivity
360° horizontal sensing
Battery life depends on environmental noise
Support System

24/7 glass alarm monitoring

Whether a window is broken or a vase is knocked over, if your system is armed and your Glass Break triggers the glass sensor alarm, our 24/7 monitoring team will be ready to help.


Installed by the pros, perfectly

Our certified smart home pros deal with wiring, syncing devices, and placement, ensuring that every door, window and blind spot is covered. More good news: professional installation is included in your smart home package.

Frequently asked Glass Break Sensor questions

Are glass break sensors worth it?

Anything that enhances the safety, security, and convenience of your home is well worth it. Glass break sensors are part of a well-rounded home security system, and a glass sensor alarm provides additional protection where you need it. For example, since door and window sensors are activated when contact between the two sensors is broken, shattered window glass won’t trigger your security alarm because the contact will remain intact.

The Vivint Glass Break Detector prevents break-ins by hearing when a burglar attempts to break a window and enter your home, then notifying you and the police before they succeed. A glass break sensor is a first line of defense and a smart perimeter strategy in the layers of your home security system.

Learn about how glass break technology has advanced and why you should consider adding a glass break sensor to your home.

Are glass break sensors effective?

A glass break sensor detects when glass is broken and sounds a glass sensor alarm when your security system is armed. Glass break sensors work by detecting either the sound of breaking glass or by the vibrations made when glass is broken.

With a wide range of coverage, multiple sensitivity levels, a long battery life, dual-shatter recognition that helps prevent false alarms, and live alerts that keep you in the loop, the Vivint Glass Break Detector is a highly effective source of protection. If your system is armed, your Glass Break is installed, and someone tries to break a window, the breaking glass will sound your glass sensor alarm, and alert our 24/7 monitoring team.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. See how the Glass Break Detector has worked for real Vivint customers.

What triggers glass break sensor?

Most glass break sensors function by using an audio microphone that recognizes the frequency of broken glass. The glass break sensor will trigger an alarm when the right frequency is detected.

The Vivint Glass Break Detector also responds to the shock and vibration of a window or glass door being broken. It listens for the initial blow, and then the glass noise or acoustics that follows. The glass break detector’s dual-shatter recognition won’t mistake a tennis ball that hits the window for an intruder. It analyzes the frequency, force, and timing of the break sound, which makes the sensor more accurate and minimizes false alarms.

Learn more about how glass break sensors work and where they should be installed in your home.

How far does a glass break sensor work?

The range of your glass break sensor depends on what kind of glass break sensor you have. The Vivint Glass Break Detector covers a 20-foot radius with 360° horizontal sensing.

Can a dog bark set off a glass break sensor?

Because glass break sensors work by analyzing sound frequency, it is possible that certain sensors will be set off by a loud dog bark or even a powerful gust of wind. However, the Vivint Glass Break Detector comes equipped with three sensitivity levels to accommodate pets and avoid false alarms. Correct placement of your glass break detector is also important in preventing false alarms, which is why we recommend professional installation. A Vivint security expert can evaluate your home and help you determine the best place for your glass break sensor.

Read on for everything else you should know about glass break sensors.

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