Jul 11, 2016|

Does Your Home Need a Glass Break Detector?

Imagine if your home could actually hear when a burglar attempted to break in, and then notify you and police before they succeeded? That’s the genius behind a glass break detector.

It’s pretty phenomenal when you think that glass can listen and respond when it’s shattered. It’s considered to be the first line of defense, and a smart perimeter strategy in the layers of your home security system. Without it, a criminal could potentially make themselves right at home by breaking a window.

Here’s how the technology has advanced and why you should consider adding these glass “ears” to your home.

How a glass break detector works

glass break detector works with microphones that pick up the sound frequency of breaking glass. The sensors also respond to the shock and vibration of a window or glass door being broken. It listens for the initial blow, and then the glass noise or acoustics that follows.

These sounds trigger an alarm to go off in the home while alerting you and your monitoring service by phone, text, or email. What’s great about this one-two punch kind of sensor is the dual-shatter recognition won’t mistake a tennis ball that hits the window for a prowler. Older versions of these glass sensors would set off the alarm when someone sneezed. But, the new dual technology analyzes the frequency, force, and timing of the break-in sound, which makes them more accurate and minimizes false alarms.

Where should you put glass break detectors and how many do you need?

Considering every home has glass windows somewhere, the glass break detector is an important piece of added protection. How many and where depends on your home. The sensor itself works best when secured to the ceiling or wall. Because it’s made to catch the sound in an entire room of windows and needs to be at least 20 feet away from the glass in all directions, one detector per room should do the trick. Just make sure there are no doors or walls blocking the sight of the sensor.

While door and window sensors know when someone is forcing them open, if a thief simply broke the glass, it could be their payday, without this hearing aid for the home. Even if you’re armed with a standard home security system, unless your home has glass break detectors, your castle may be at risk.

Consider the glass break detector a way to stop a burglar from getting inside through a window. It’s like having a smart guard dog who can hear that trouble may be at your door before anyone else.

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