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Amazon Echo Hacks: 7 Bizzare Skills You Need to Try

By downloading and enabling skills, your Amazon Echo becomes more useful. There's also a small market of developers who focus on creative niches and fan-servicing. Here are some of the most creative skills Alexa can learn.
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Written by: Jordan H.

My roommates and I decided to buy ourselves an Amazon Echo for Christmas last year, and we’ve been messing around with it ever since.

Most people use the Echo for the standard things: playing music, listening to audio books, and getting sports scores.

We decided to take the path less traveled and add every weird hack and dumb skill we could find.

Alexa is now infinitely more entertaining.

If you are looking for suggestions that are actually useful, this article probably isn’t for you. Here’s a list of my favorite Amazon Echo hacks we’ve found.

1. Poetry and chicken nuggets

Have you ever been eating chicken nuggets on your couch then decided you wanted a more Zen-like experience? Hold onto your honey mustard, this skill is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

This Amazon Echo hack makes Alexa recite a chicken nugget-based haiku. Perfect for when consuming both fast food and frozen nuggets.

2. Catch a murderer

For all the DC comics fans out there, this is a must have. The skill is called ‘The Wayne Investigation.’

You play a detective trying to find out how murdered Batman’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Think of it as one of those old choose-your-own-adventure books. You listen a bit of the story make your choice, and continue discovering clues to catch the killer.

This was great to play with all the roommates. We argued at every choice in the story. 10/10, would play again.

3. Box of cats

A great way to drive your roommate insane while they’re studying for finals.

When you ask Alexa to ‘open the box of cats’ it plays a very loud, very annoying meow. Repeat to elicit ultimate roommate rage.

4. Chuck Norris abides

If there is one indisputable fact in this universe, it’s that Chuck Norris is the glue holding our existence together.

The skill ‘chuckFacts’ turns Alexa into a chronicler of the toughest man ever to walk the Earth.

Listen to her praise the man and explain just how tough he really is.

Glory to Chuck.

5. One-man roast

Are you a glutton for punishment? This is the skill for you.

‘Get Burned!’ is the perfect way to elicit an extra spicy tough lashing from your Amazon Echo.

Simply ask Alexa to open the program, and she will fire back with an insult that’ll make you wish you’d never been born.

6. Relive the legend of Leroy

I think we all remember the first time we experienced the legend that is Leroy Jenkins.

This Amazon Echo hack lets you relive the rush of running into a raid behind the man himself again and again.

Simply let Alexa, know that ‘chums up’ and she’ll respond with the classic battle cry of Leeroy Jenkins.

7. Kind words and screaming goats

Need a little inspiration to start your day off right? Let ‘Goat Compliments’ help!

When you ask for a compliment, this Amazon Echo hack will assault your ears with a goat scream, followed by a lovely reassuring remark. Of course, every compliment is also finished with a goat scream to make the perfect auditory goat scream sandwich.

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