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How Home Automation Helps With Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is always a stressful event, especially if you're hosting friends and family. The good news is that using home automation can make the process easier for the chef and host, while providing the guests a more relaxing experience, too.

Leveraging the Echo

Using Amazon Echo in the kitchen while you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner provides a handful of ways to ease stress levels. Using the Alexa voice service on the Echo, you can set multiple timers, controlling both the pumpkin bread oven time and the chestnut soup simmering time. Alexa can also convert recipe measurements, so when you double or triple the quantity, you know you're not making any errors.

Controlling lights and temperature

Without leaving the kitchen, you can turn on or dim lights in other parts of the house. If your hands are wet or sticky, use voice commands on the Echo to make changes in seconds. Or, if you prefer to use an app on your phone or tablet, you can do it with a few taps on your touchscreen. You can even change the temperature if it's getting too warm in the house using the same controls.

Letting your guests in

Of course, it's best to personally welcome your guests at the door. But if the kids are out back, your spouse is running an errand and you're watching the stove top so the onions don't burn, you don't need to run to the door when your in-laws arrive early. With your doorbell camera and smartphone app, you can see who's there and tell them to come in. Just tap your app, unlock the door and they can walk right in.

Monitoring the kids

The kids don't want you bugging them when they're playing games and music in the basement. But how can you make sure everything is OK without showing your face or sneaking down the stairs? It only takes seconds to look at the live feed of your interior security camera on your mobile device to see what's happening in the basement. Make sure the little cousin isn't being excluded and they're not sneaking candy out of your secret hiding spot.

Opening the garage

When your delivery person needs to drop off the winter supply of firewood and wants to do it while you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner, it's easy to open the garage with the app or an Alexa command. The delivery is quickly made, and you can continue cooking without wasting a second.

Listening to music

Now it's time for dinner to be served. Your lights have been dimmed in the dining room with the help of home automation. You don't need to run to the other room to hook up your music to the speakers or put on a CD to set the mood. Alexa has it under control for you.

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