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Vivint Home Automation Review

A home automation system integrates the control of home heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, appliances, security devices, and other systems within a central control panel. Devices and systems may also be accessed remotely over the Internet using computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Vivint offers a broad range of devices and systems that give customers complete home automation solutions. On average, the company has received a four-star (out of five stars) rating over 726 reviews with Consumer Affairs, and it has many happy and satisfied customers.

Smart Security with Vivint

Vivint’s customers appreciate the company's use of the latest proven technologies within their state-of-the art automated home security systems. The company is popular with customers because of the peace of mind provided by Vivint’s 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week system monitoring.

Devices that can be connected to Vivint’s automated home security systems include motion sensors, window and door sensors, glass breakage sensors, electronic door locks, and video cameras. If the status of any of these devices changes, an alert is sent to the homeowner and the Vivint monitoring service. Customers can decide which alerts will generate an immediate response from emergency responders and which alerts are non-emergency.

The panic pendant is also popular with Vivint’s customers. Senior citizens, those with health concerns, and their families appreciate the safety and peace of mind that comes from knowing that they and their loved ones have immediate access to paramedics, police, and fire departments at the touch of a button.

Smart Energy with Vivint

Home heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting systems can each be set to run on schedules using the Vivint control panel, or they can be operated remotely using Vivint Sky. Many Vivint customers achieve significant cost savings using these features.

Why pay to heat a home when no one is there during the day? Never forget to turn the lights off again. Using the scheduling options available, Vivint customers can schedule different thermostat settings for different times and days of the week. Lights and small appliances that were accidentally left on can be turned off remotely using the Internet, smartphones, and tablets.

Many customers have saved a significant amount of money with Vivint’s services. Homeowners have found that the cost savings, convenience, and peace of mind that comes from using Vivint’s smart energy automation tools more than pays for the affordable monthly plan fees.

Home Automation with Vivint

Vivint’s customers have submitted many positive reviews about the company's complete line of home automation solutions. In addition to smart energy and smart security solutions, Vivint also offers smart Internet and smart solar solutions.

Vivint reviews from satisfied customers:

"Until we got our system, I never left my autistic son with anybody. Now I don't have to worry about that."

"Recently, we were awoken by the sounds of our fire detectors going off on all floors of the house. Vivint called me right away as I was checking the situation. I called 911 and then to my surprise, the representative from Vivint called back to follow up at least four times, providing information that the fire department was on site and asking if any other assistance was necessary."

Are you interested in protecting your family, using fewer resources, and saving money with Vivint? Visit their website to obtain a quote for your specific situation today.