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Our Customers Review 24/7 Professional Monitoring 

May 26, 2022|

One of the most important features to look for in a home security system is the way it’s monitored. Professional monitoring provides the most comprehensive protection for your home, and Vivint monitoring ensures your home is safe around the clock.

Read on to find out why professional monitoring matters and what our customers have to say about it.

Vivint employee talking with a customer from the monitoring center.

What is professional security monitoring?

When an alarm in your home is triggered, what happens next?

The answer to this depends largely on the type of monitoring, meaning whether your security system is professionally monitored or not. When it comes to monitoring solutions for security systems, there are two different kinds: professionally monitored and self-monitored.

A professionally monitored system is one that is surveiled in real-time by a security company or third party. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean they’re always watching your home or camera! They’re simply connected to your security system in a way that alerts them when an alarm in your home is triggered and allows them to contact you.

If the monitoring company is unable to get a hold of you, they’ll automatically contact first responders on your behalf.

For example, let’s say your burglar alarm goes off while you’re at work one day. The professional monitoring center is alerted and immediately contacts you. You’re not home and can’t verify whether or not it’s a false alarm or a real break-in, so the monitoring team contacts the police department for you to check things out.

With some systems, including Vivint, professional monitoring also means you have access to the monitoring center via your control panel if there’s an emergency, even if they alarm doesn’t go off. If your system includes a panic button or pendant, you can easily contact the monitoring center if you or a loved one experiences a fall at home and can’t get to the phone.

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Professional monitoring versus self‑monitoring

A self-monitored system, on the other hand, is not connected to a monitoring center. If an alarm is triggered, it’s up to the homeowner to verify whether it’s a legitimate alarm or false alarm and then contact the appropriate emergency personnel if needed.

When your system isn’t monitored professionally, the responsibility falls on you to contact authorities. This can be a problem if an alarm is tripped when you’re not home, as you’ll have no way of knowing if your home really is at risk or if it’s a false alarm.

Another potential disadvantage of security without professional alarm monitoring is the possible delayed response. If there really is an emergency, your first priority should always be to get your family to safety. This could delay your ability to call 911.

Why you need professional monitoring

Professional monitoring usually involves paying a monthly fee, similar to the fee you’d pay a cell phone company for monthly service. While some people opt for self-monitored systems to save money, there are many reasons professional monitoring is a better idea overall.

Vivint’s professional monitoring provides many benefits, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring. With 24/7 monitoring for your home 365 days a year, your home is protected around the clock.
  • Fast response time. In an emergency, every second counts. Vivint boasts an impressive average response time of approximately 10 seconds.
  • Immediate access to help. If there’s an emergency in your home and the alarm doesn’t go off, you can still get help with one-touch callouts on your Smart Hub or emergency pendant.
  • Protection at home or away. When you’re not home and your alarm system goes off, our monitoring center has you covered.
  • In-house monitoring. Unlike some security companies, Vivint has its own monitoring centers, meaning this important feature is not outsourced offshores or to another company.
  • Notifications. If something happens at home, you’ll receive an alert on your phone so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening. From there, you can check your security cameras to see what’s going on, or ask our team to send first responders.
  • Peace of mind. Perhaps the biggest benefit of professional monitoring is the peace of mind it brings. Our customers can rest easy knowing their home is being monitored around the clock and that in an emergency, help is just a tap away.

Customer reviews for Vivint 24/7 monitoring

Our customers have plenty to say about their experiences with Vivint’s professional monitoring, and their reviews show some of the reasons they love it.

In-house monitoring

Davis’s review:

We've had Vivint for a little over 6 months now and we absolutely love it! I decided that i didn't want the monitoring anymore but the second i turned it off i didn't feel secure. The next day i called Vivint and had it activated again. i love my Vivint system. I check it every day.


Protection at home or away

Steven’s review:

The price for the equipment and monitoring service is great. But, there isn't a price I could even try to place on the peace of mind my wife and I have had since having our system installed. I love being notified of people lingering near my home and being able to open the Vivint app to make sure everything is alright. The Smart Home features are also fantastic. The thermostat is learning how we usually set the temperature throughout different times of day and automatically sets it for us. We absolutely love the entire system, as well as the app. Being able to control everything and keep an eye on our home from our phones is incredibly convenient and helps put our minds at ease while out of state visiting family.


Wanda’s review:

I feel completely safe and secure with Vivint monitoring my home. I never have to worry whether I'm home or away.


Fast response times

Olga’s review:

I’ve had Vivint home alarm for several years. Also have their smoke and fire alarm. And inside cameras. They are terrific. 24 hour monitoring is truly 24 hour. They call within seconds of a problem. If you have another brand, you have second best. Period. Zero chance I would ever switch.


Otis’s review:

Vivint is a great company. If there is an activation you are immediately notified by call, text or email. They make sure you are ok and the home is protected. I feel safe in my home. I have not had any problems with this system. Thanks Vivint!


Charles’s review:

My fire alarm went off because of excess steam coming from the bathroom. Not only was I surprised that steam could set it off, I was shocked that the people monitoring were so quick to make sure everything was ok. Kudos to the prompt actions of the monitoring team!


Kay’s review:

Choosing Vivint for my home security system is one of the best decisions that I have made. Even when I mistakenly set off the alarm, the response time from their monitoring team is very fast. First and foremost, they ask if I am ok. I like the convenience of having the capability to arm and disarm my system from my cell phone.


Peace of mind

Noel’s review:

I have tested other security companies and found Vivint to be dependable and alert, always monitoring which is key for me. They make sure your home is secured and that makes me sleep good at night. I highly recommend Vivint to anyone looking to install or replace their Security System.


Beth’s review:

I have used Vivint in my past 2 homes. I am moving in 2 weeks and I plan to use it in my next home as well. My family and I feel secure and safe with the wireless system. No more worrying that the phone line will be cut! We have accidentally set off the alarm several times and the monitoring operators are fast, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend Vivint.


La Tonya’s review:

I love the way they stay on top of monitoring my home, I have nothing but good things to say about Vivint. keep up the great job that you all are doing.

La Tonya

James’s review:

Excellent system, easy to use, great monitoring. Love having the two way communication with the monitoring service. Excellent equipment with status notifications and no issues. We have been loyal customers for many years and appreciate the peace of mind. My family is safer with Vivint and I cannot put a dollar value on that.

Woman speaking with Vivint monitoring professionals through her Smart Hub device.
Easily communicate with Vivint's professional monitoring center through your Smart Hub device.

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