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How to Set the Right Mood at Home on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you plan on staying in or going out, one thing’s for sure—you’ve got to set the right mood.

Even little things can make or break the mood while you’re in the house or out on the town. But don’t worry. Here are a few ways to combat potential mood killers and make sure your Valentine’s Day is an all-around success.

Mood Killer: The silence is deafening

If you were to ask 20 different people to picture their ideal romantic evening, you’d probably get 20 different answers. One thing, however, is almost sure to be in every response—music.

Awkward silences and outside noises can be distracting, not to mention a mood killer. If there’s one thing you absolutely need to set the mood on Valentine’s Day, it’s the right music.

Mood Fixer: The smart speaker

Don’t worry about making a playlist or interrupting your evening to adjust the music. Smart speakers will act as your personal DJ. So whether you want soft background music or a beat you can dance to, all you have to do is tell your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Google Assistant Home Stand
Smart speakers like the Google Home can help you set the right mood by playing your favorite romantic tunes.

When planning your evening, don’t forget to make sure you brush up on how to set up Spotify on your Google Home.

Mood Killer: Bright Lights

Bright, overhead lights are great for some things, but a romantic evening with your Valentine isn’t one of them. Softer lighting can create a softer mood for a nice dinner, a quiet night in, or just watching a movie.

Couple Control Lighting Smart Phone Bed
Smart lighting lets you easily dim the lights and set the right mood for a romantic evening.

Mood Fixer: Mood lighting

Set the mood in your home with smart lighting. You can dim the lights, turn them off altogether, or adjust them as the situation dictates—and you don’t even need to get up. Philips Hue lighting integrates with Vivint Smart Home, so you can control everything from your phone.

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Mood Killer: It’s way too cold

Yes, it’s February. But that doesn’t mean it needs to feel like it inside your house. If your significant other’s goosebumps are from anything other than the sight of you, it might be time to turn up the heat—literally.

Mood fixer: Smart thermostat control

Create a cozy atmosphere with your smart thermostat. The best part? You can control the temperature wherever you are with your smart home app or via voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant, so you don’t even need to get up to adjust your thermostat settings.

Element Thermostat Settings Warm
A smart thermostat can be adjusted from your mobile device or via voice control, meaning you don't have to get up to get cozy.

Mood Killer: Worries away from home

You’re at dinner. The candlelight is flickering, casting a romantic glow across the table. All of a sudden, you remember something—you forgot to turn your curling iron off or close the garage door. Or at least you think you did.

It’s easy to forget to turn off your appliances when you’re rushing around getting ready for a night out. But worries like this can preoccupy your thoughts while out on a Valentine’s Day date, killing the mood with unnecessary stress.

Mood Fixer: Remote appliance control

Keep stress at bay with remote home automation features. That means you can check on and control aspects of your home from your smartphone.

House Garage Exterior Night Lighted
Smart home automation lets you check on and control multiple parts of your home, including the garage door.

For instance, the Vivint Lamp Module is a small device that plugs into a power outlet that lets you control your home’s small appliances and lighting systems from your phone.

Similarly, with a Garage Door Controller connected to your smart home, you can control your garage from anywhere and know if it’s open or closed.

The peace of mind it provides lets you stay focused on your romantic evening, not your curling iron or garage door.

Whether you’re going in or staying out, these tips will help you set the perfect mood for Valentine’s Day.

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