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Home Security and Automation for Your North Carolina Home

Jun 30, 2021|

Each year, more and more people flock to North Carolina to take advantage of a bustling economy, affordable cost of living, and tons to see and do. So many, in fact, that it’s one of the top 10 fastest growing states in the country.

Whether you’re a lifelong resident of North Carolina or a recent transplant, keeping your home safe and secure is probably a top priority. Read on to find out how to choose the best home security system for your North Carolina home.

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Smart Home Pros are ready to install a home security system in your North Carolina home.

Home Security Systems for North Carolinians

If you’re searching for home security in North Carolina, there’s no shortage of options. With so many different devices and services, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as you start to shop for a home security system. Most systems, however, should include the following:

Security sensors

A security sensor is one of the most basic—and important—parts of a security system, since they’re what detect unauthorized access and trigger the alarm.

Most home security systems will include the following sensors:

  • Door and window sensors. These sensors are placed on your home’s exterior doors and windows, sounding the alarm when the system is armed and a door or window is opened. If you don’t want to set your alarm but want to know if anyone is coming or going, you can also set door sensors to play a chime and let you know if your doors open (a useful feature for parents!)
  • Motion sensors. Motion sensors are placed in high traffic areas of the home and trigger the alarm when they detect movement. This is helpful in the event an intruder breaks in through a second floor window that doesn’t have a window sensor, ensuring the alarm will still go off when they walk in the motion sensor’s field of view.
  • Glass break sensors. Some alarm systems only have sensors that are triggered when a door or window is opened, allowing intruders to break in through a window without sounding an alarm. Glass break sensors are an added layer of protection and detect the sound made from a window breaking, triggering the security system.
door sensor installed on clear white door
Know you are protected via various entry points in your home.

Safety alarms

People often automatically think of keeping out burglars or vandals when they think of security systems, but safety alarms are just as important as security sensors. Safety alarms alert you to fires, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. Safety alarms you need in your home include:

  • Smoke alarms. House fires are responsible for 77% of deaths by fire in North Carolina. Of those deaths, 3 out of 5 occur in homes without working smoke detectors. Smoke alarms that alert you to smoke and fire quickly and accurately can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas produced from fossil fuels like gasoline, wood, propane, and charcoal. It’s particularly dangerous because it is odorless and colorless and will go undetected unless there’s a working carbon monoxide detector in your home.
  • Water sensors. A leaking pipe or appliance may not be deadly like a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, but it can be an expensive problem when left unchecked. In fact, the average home owner spends over $3,000 in water damage repair from leaks. They can also lead to mold, creating an unsafe environment. Water sensors placed near appliances or pipes prone to leaking can help alert you to moisture before leaks get out of hand.
  • Panic pendant. A panic pendant is a small pendant worn around the neck or on the wrist. When the person wearing it presses the button on the pendant, it alerts the system’s monitoring center, which will send help. This device can be a lifesaver for the elderly, nonverbal, or anyone prone to falling.
smoke detector installed on ceiling
Know you and your family are safe with a smoke detector connected to a home security system.

Monitoring services

One of the best things about a professional home security system is 24/7 monitoring services. When any one of your alarms are triggered, it immediately signals the monitoring center, who then contacts the homeowner. If there is an emergency, or if no one answers, the monitoring center will alert emergency services in your area.

There are plenty of DIY security systems on the market, and many of these do not include monitoring. These self-monitored systems mean you will have to call 911 yourself in an emergency. If you’re not home, or you’re in some way incapacitated, it will delay getting the help you need. A professionally monitored home security system, on the other hand, ensures police, fire, or medical personnel are there if you need them.

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Home Automation Any North Carolinian Can Use

Homes equipped with home automation let you access and control many functions around the house—such as lighting, security, and heating and cooling—from any location via an app. Home automation also automates different functions, such as locking doors or adjusting the thermostat.

Home security and home automation often work together to keep your home safe without even having to think about it. For example, with a smart home security system, you can arm your security system from your phone. Or, you can set your doors to lock automatically after a certain amount of time.

Some of the most useful smart home automation devices to have in your home include:

  • Smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and set them automatically to help you save energy and money.
  • Smart locks are an important security feature that eliminates the need for a physical key. Instead, you can unlock with a unique code or your smartphone.
  • Garage door control helps secure an often-forgotten entry point into your home by alerting you whenever your garage door is open, then allowing you to close it via your app.
  • Smart lighting is convenient—imagine being able to turn off the downstairs lights without getting out of bed. It’s also important for home security, so you can turn lights on even if you’re not home.
  • Cameras are a must for any home by providing video surveillance both inside and out. Different cameras to consider for your home security system include:
    • Outdoor cameras that keep an eye on your property
    • Doorbell cameras that allow you to answer your door remotely
    • Indoor cameras to keep an eye on kids, pets, or specific areas of your home
  • Hands-free control through smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo let you perform various functions, such as adjusting the temperature or setting reminders, with your voice.
  • Smart control is important to consider. Most smart devices require their own apps, which can be cumbersome and inconvenient. An integrated smart home like Vivint includes the top-rated Vivint app as well as a smart hub panel that lets you manage your entire home whether you’re home or on the go.

A smart home security system gives North Carolinians the best of both worlds—a safer, more secure home you can easily manage from anywhere.

Security Systems Near Me

No matter where you live in the Tarheel state, there’s a security system that can fit your unique needs.


Greensboro is quickly becoming a popular place to settle down, especially for millennials—it’s one of the top 20 most-moved to cities for the age group.

Unfortunately, it’s not the safest city in the country; in fact, 94% of U.S. cities are safer than Greensboro, making home security in Greensboro a smart choice.


Home to Army base Fort Bragg, one of the largest military installations in the world, Fayetteville is a military town through and through. Over half of the residents currently serve in the military, and another 12% are veterans.

Active duty military members often travel for long periods of time, and it can be nerve-wracking leaving home for so long. If you’re looking for home security in Fayetteville, look for home automation, too—you can check in on your home whether you’re down the street or on the other side of the world.

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Know that your family is protected with our 24/7 monitoring.


One distinction that Jacksonville holds? It’s the youngest city in the country, with an average age of just 22. Part of this is due to the large military presence—this North Carolina city is home to the United States Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune and New River Air Base.

But even a city whose top employer is the Department of Defense isn’t immune to burglaries. In fact, if you live in Jacksonville, you have a 1 in 44 chance of being a victim of property crime. If you want home security in Jacksonville, look for a system with advanced security features and 24/7 monitoring.


If you live in Asheville, you’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful country, whether it’s the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smoky Mountain National Park, or beautiful hiking trails and fly fishing spots.

You can take advantage of everything Asheville has to offer without worrying about what’s going on at home by choosing a smart home security system that gives you the peace of mind that your home is being watched over, even if you’re not there.


As the state capital and the second-fastest growing city in the country, Raleigh is popular thanks to its low cost of living, job opportunities, and higher education presence. In fact, Raleigh was also recently named the second most-educated city.

A smart home is a smart choice for Raleigh residents, allowing you to automate many tasks around the house while keeping it protected around the clock.

skyline of raleigh north carolina
Smart control with the Smart Hub and app for a smart home.

Why a Vivint Security System Is Best for your North Carolina Home

Despite the number of options you have, narrowing down the perfect security system for your North Carolina home doesn’t need to be difficult. Vivint has everything you need to make your home safer and smarter.

With a Vivint security system, you can customize your home with devices that work together seamlessly to give you a home that’s comfortable, convenient, and safe. In addition, Vivint offers:

  • Professional installation. With Vivint, you don’t have to spend your weekend trying to DIY your system. All Vivint systems include professional installation from our expert technicians. They’ll install your system, ensure everything is working together, and answer any questions you may have.
  • 24/7 monitoring. You can rest easy knowing that Vivint provides round-the-clock professional monitoring with an impressive response time average of less than 10 seconds.
  • Customer service. Vivint has a team of dedicated customer support specialists on hand to answer questions about your system. In addition, an extensive library of support materials and resources make it easy to learn more about your system or answer questions at any time.

Let Vivint Keep You Safe in North Carolina

No matter which city you call home, Vivint can help make it a safer, more comfortable place to live. Get started customizing a smart home for you and your family today.

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