Smart Home Technology: 3 Reasons Every Traveler Needs It

Written by: Vivint Smart Home Team

Travelers understand the value of leaving your cares behind and chasing a new adventure.

Planning ahead and packing early are great ways to make any trip an enjoyable experience. However, if you’re truly going to wave goodbye to stress as you walk out the front door, you need to ensure your home is ready for your vacation too.

Smart home technology was not only a major point at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, it also is the perfect way for you and your home to stay in sync while you’re on the road. Here are 3 surprising reasons smart home tech is essential for travelers.

1. Your smart home saves you money while you’re on the go

Smart home technology keeps extra cash in your wallet every month. The right tools work tirelessly to save you money whether you’re relaxing at home or traveling the globe.

We aren’t talking loose change either. In fact, smart lighting systems and thermostats like Vivint Element Thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat can save you more than $100 each year.

Nest recently published the combined findings of three nationwide studies on just how much owners of their smart thermostats save. Turns out those who upgraded to a smart thermostat save an average of $131 - $145 on their utility bills per year over those with traditional thermostats.

An extra $145 goes a long way towards any trip. Make the change and start saving today. Call the experts at Vivint Smart Home to find out how.

2. Smart home technology keeps you in the loop on energy consumption

No one likes spending extra money on their energy bill. Leaving the lights or air conditioner on when you take off on your trip could cost you heavily.

With a complete smart home system you can control your thermostat and lights from anywhere through your smartphone. This lets you make sure you save energy while you’re away, and have your home waiting to welcome you once you return.

Not only can you control your home through your smartphone, Vivint Smart Home App even tracks your energy consumption and shows you how to save additional money by cutting back.

Turn your home into a smart home. Discover the possibilities at today.

3. It keeps burglars away from your home

Everyone knows having a security system in your home is a great way to protect yourself from burglars. Did you know simply having a system reduces your chances of being a thief’s target?

According to a recent study published by the University of North Carolina Charlotte, about 60% of the 422 convicted burglars interviewed said simply the presence of an alarm system would cause them to target a different home.

A complete security system is an important part of any smart home. Not only will it help protect your home while you’re relaxing on vacation, it also keeps your family safe between trips.

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