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Use Automatic Lights to Save Money

Automated lighting isn't only convenient, it can actually reduce your overall energy consumption and save you money. With automatic lights controlled by your home automation system, cutting down on spending is just a few simple app swipes and taps away. Follow these easy steps to ensure that lights are never left on when they aren't needed, and start seeing your savings right away.

Switch out light bulbs

Light bulbs of today are much smarter than those of the past. New bulbs using Z-Wave technology can actually be controlled by your home automation system through a radio frequency. Simply swap out your regular bulbs for these smart light bulbs and then add them as a device to your smart home system. You'll then be able to control them from your smart home app or control panel.

Add outlet plug control modules

Just about any of the lamps in your home, regardless of whether they have smart bulbs or not, can be turned into automatic lights by using small appliance control modules. Add a plug-in module to every power outlet where you have a lamp, and then plug the fixture directly into the module. The module can then communicate directly with your smart home app so that you can turn it on and off, no matter where you are. You'll also be able to set alerts and timers to have lights go on and off on their own.

Customize your settings

Earn greater savings by utilizing your smart home system to its fullest with customized settings. Use your system's alerts function to ensure that lights are turned on only when they need to be. Set up your sensors to alert you when a light has been left on. Then, you can turn it off directly from your smart home app.

Turn off your lights without doing a thing

Using smart sensors, you can alert your home automation system to turn off lights just by walking out the door. Your system will learn to turn lights off automatically when it senses no one is home. Customize your control settings to turn off lights when the sensors indicate that you're gone or asleep, and you won't think about anything other than the money you'll save.

Don't forget about the holidays

Though they're beautiful to look at, holiday lights can be a major drain on your budget. Using the same small appliance plug-in modules, use your automated system to communicate with your lights. Set timers so lights aren't left on accidentally overnight or when you're away from home.

Taking these simple steps to create fully automatic lights for your home will give you complete control over your lights' energy use, which will save you money by reducing consumption.

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