May 10, 2016|

Little Known Facts About Lighting Control And Why It Matters

Would you like more control over your home’s lighting? If you’re thinking, “I have an on-off switch,” it might be difficult to grasp how lighting control can impact your living space and mood – not to mention your bank account.

Controlling your home’s interior and exterior lighting is the best way to optimize energy use without compromising the comfort of home.

Lighting Control: The Modern Homeowner’s Necessity

For years, homeowners have used lamp shades, chandeliers, dimmers, and other hardware to achieve effective lighting control, but why? What is it about illumination that inspires us to mold and shape its presence? Believe it or not, controlling your home’s lighting can have multiple positive results.

Perception of Space

Does your home have an awkwardly shaped room? Do certain aspects of your home, such as your family picture wall or art collection, deserve a little extra emphasis? How lighting is distributed and controlled in your home affects space perception, which can be very helpful when working with small spaces or special purpose rooms.

Mood Changes

When lighting is uncontrollable, occupants of a home may not notice how it affects their moods from moment to moment, but it does. According to a study published by the Journal of Consumer Psychology,intense light strengthens both positive and negative emotions. Unless you’re in a positive mood 100% of the time, there are certain situations where dim or no lighting is best.

Sleep Cycles

If you’ve ever tried to sleep in a bright room, you know for a fact how lighting can disrupt your ability to fall and stay asleep. Because a lighting control system can be programmed to adjust interior and exterior lighting at times of your choosing, you’re able to pre-determine the time at which you begin to wind down for the night. Before you know it, you’ll begin defining bed time by your home’s lighting.

Energy Use

Sometimes, energy and money savings are in the last place you look. As opposed to keeping lights running at full blast, lighting control optimizes lighting automatically depending on room occupancy, existing light, and pre-set energy limits. Particularly useful when you want to conserve energy resources (and shave dollars off your electric bill each month), dim and automated lighting doesn’t require as much electricity or solar power as traditional lighting.

Light Harvesting

Unlike previous generations, homeowners today have lighting solutions that are dependent upon certain technologies. Light harvesting is one of the most exciting features of lighting control, as this form of adjustment takes place automatically depending on the time of day. Think of light harvesting as a hands-free way to ensure every room is adequately lit at times of your choosing.

Lighting Matters

Though not always a conscious realization, lighting affects nearly every aspect of life, from simple navigation to lifestyle preferences. Just one aspect of smart hometechnology, custom lighting control can positively impact your home, finances, and health while reducing your environmental footprint.

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