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What The Future of Home Monitoring Looks Like

The future of home monitoring is already here. Vivint brings home security into the 21st century with proven, space-age technology and the experience to make it fit your busy lifestyle. From the stunning SkyControl Panel to

Vivint provides home automation and the mobile app, Vivint keeps your complete home security just a fingertip touch away. Don’t let anyone fool you, keeping your home safe takes more than just scaring burglars off the lawn at night.

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring

Vivint provides home monitoring every hour, every day all year. Although there are times when your home may become more vulnerable such as away vacations and public events, a home invasion can occur at any time, any day. The most dangerous home invasions actually occur while an unsuspecting family is peacefully sleeping at home or when only one family member is alone in the house. The peace of mind you’ll find with customizable smart security, Live service and the secure mobile app could be lifesavers for you and your family.

SkyControl Technology

The 21st century technology Vivint brings to your home includes the SkyControl Panel. This technology allows you to continuously monitor the status of your home without the hassle caused by unseemly wiring or large, obvious and cumbersome monitoring devices. A manageable 7" screen uses modern cellular technology to keep all your information and statistics securely at your fingertip control. Neatly placed on the wall, it is no more intrusive or conspicuous than an average thermostat control unit.

Home Monitoring Technology

A basic home monitoring package with Vivint includes the 24 x 7 x 365 live service and one touchscreen panel to ensure total, personal control of your home and family’s safety. Included are 3 door/window sensors to monitor and prevent physical break-ins. A state of the art motion detector watches your home for you while you are away or asleep, keeping your home and family safe no matter where you are. The sophisticated smoke detector protects you from fire and smoke, while a key fob helps to make certain your door is locked when it’s most important.

A bold Vivint yard sign lets every malicious, nefarious and ne’er-do-well observer know that your home and family are under the constant protection of the Vivint home security system. That information is key in making sure that your home remains safe and secure. Most burglars and home invaders are not sophisticated arch criminals, but opportunists who look for empty, dark homes with open windows or unlocked doors.

A Vivint yard sign backed up with the technologically superior Vivint Home monitoring service and equipment is your look at the future of home monitoring. Call or contact Vivint online today to protect your home and family for a safer future.