Keep Your House, Kids, and Pets Safe with a Vivint Doorbell Camera

Your home and family are the most important things in your life, and leaving them for even short periods of time can be worrisome.

Perhaps that’s why millions of people rely on sitters to take care of things while they’re away. House sitters, babysitters, and pet sitters provide a personal level of care and attention.

Whether you’re going on vacation, escaping for a much-needed date night, or even going to work for the day, a smart home security system equipped with a Vivint Doorbell Camera can make things easier for everyone.

vivint doorbell camera
Keep reading to learn how a Vivint Doorbell Camera can make life easier for housesitters, babysitters, and petsitters.

How a Vivint Doorbell Camera benefits house sitters

If you travel frequently or are planning a long vacation, a house sitter can provide peace of mind as well as help around the house. House sitter duties vary and range from collecting mail, emptying garbage, maintaining your landscaping, and just making sure everything is running smoothly while you’re away.

Part of ensuring your house-sitting experience is successful for both you and your house sitter is providing them with the information and tools they need to properly care for your home—and feel safe doing so.

A Vivint Doorbell Camera comes in handy for your house sitter in a number of ways. Take a look:

See who’s at the door, both day and night, before answering

Imagine you’re housesitting for a friend, and the homeowner’s doorbell rings. Would you answer it? One of the main purposes (and biggest benefits) of a Vivint Doorbell Camera is to show you who’s at the door before you answer it. What’s more, the camera’s night vision allows your house sitter to clearly see who’s at the door, day or night.

Whether your house sitter is understandably hesitant to answer the door or just wants to make sure it’s the pizza delivery she ordered before answering, a doorbell camera will come in handy.

vivint doorbell camera woman talking
With a Vivint Doorbell Camera, your housesitter can see who's at the door before opening it.

Tell the visitor to come back at another time

The Vivint Doorbell Camera features two-way talk, so you can not only see who’s at the door, but speak to them as well. Your house sitter can ask the visitor what the nature of their visit is, ask them to come back another time, or give directions to leave a package on the porch.

Get packages as they arrive

Speaking of packages, even if your house sitter opts not to answer the door while they’re home, they can use your doorbell camera to collect any packages you receive in a timely manner.

This helps keep you from becoming one of the 25 million people who get packages stolen from their front porch every year. It will also prevent packages from piling up at the front door, which signals to would-be burglars that you’re not home.

vivint doorbell camera delivery person
Make sure your packages are safe while you're away thanks to your Vivint Doorbell Camera.

View front door activity on the Vivint Smart Hub

Many doorbell cameras can only be accessed from a smart phone app. So unless your house sitter has the app with your specific login information, the doorbell camera won’t be very useful.

This is not the case with Vivint. When a Vivint Doorbell Camera is part of a complete Vivint Smart Home system, viewing the video feed isn’t limited to the app.

The Vivint Smart Hub, your system's central control panel mounted to a wall in your home, provides crystal clear footage of your doorbell camera, so your house sitter can view footage and talk to the visitor right from there.

vivint smart hub doorbell camera
No need for your housesitter to download an app. They can access the doorbell camera's feed right from your Smart Hub.

How a Vivint Doorbell Camera benefits babysitters

With 58% of parents hiring a babysitter at least once a month, if you’re a parent, chances are good you’ve hired a sitter before.

You trust your babysitter with your most precious cargo, so it’s a given that you’ll want to provide your sitter with everything they need to do their job of keeping your children safe and happy.

A Vivint Doorbell Camera benefits both you and your babysitter—your sitter can focus on the kids and you can enjoy a worry-free date night. Here’s how:

It lets your babysitter focus on the kids

Watching over little ones requires focus. With a Vivint Doorbell Camera, your sitter doesn’t need to take her attention off the kids to answer the door.

If she’s in the middle of feeding your child in his high chair and the doorbell rings, she can easily check your Smart Hub to see who’s there and even tell them to come back later without taking her eye off the kids.

babysitter woman boy coloring book
With a Vivint Doorbell Camera, your babysitter can spend more time focused on the kids.

It gives your sitter peace of mind

Babysitting may be a teenage right of passage, but it can be unnerving for a young babysitter to answer the door when she’s home alone with the kids she's watching.

With a Vivint Doorbell Camera, the babysitter doesn’t have to worry who’s ringing the bell or whether or not someone is lurking on the front steps. Your sitter can simply go to your Vivint Smart Hub and see for herself who’s at the door, and then decide whether to communicate with them face-to-face or through the panel.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera benefits parents, too

As a parent, you probably still worry a little whenever you leave your kids at home, even if you trust your sitter completely. The Vivint Doorbell Camera can help alleviate some of that worry for moms and dads, too. Here's how:

It leaves you in control of your home

One survey found 20% of preteen babysitters opened the door to a stranger while babysitting. If the idea of your sitter opening your front door to someone unknown doesn’t sit well with you, you can answer the door yourself no matter where you are.

Once you get a notification on your smartphone that someone is at your door, you can see who it is and communicate with them right from your app.

If it’s someone you don’t know, you can tell them to come back later or that you’re not interested. They won’t even be able to tell you’re not home or that your children are alone with a sitter.

It provides a record of who’s coming and going

What if you have your phone silenced and don’t see notifications that there was activity on your doorstep? No problem.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera automatically records 30-second clips when motion is detected at your front door. You can either watch them on-demand or at your convenience via Vivint Playback.

How a Vivint Doorbell Camera benefits pet sitters

For 95% of pet owners in the U.S., pets are family. And that’s not just idle talk. A growing number of pet parents are putting their money where their mouths are spending big bucks ($5.4 billion a year, to be exact) to pamper their pets with quality food and care—and that includes in-home dog-sitting and dog walking.

If you’re one of millions of doting pet parents, a Vivint Doorbell Camera provides convenience and peace of mind for you and the people you’ve hired to watch over your pets. This is particularly true when a doorbell camera is part of a complete Vivint Smart Home system.

girl dog living room
Keep an eye on your pet and petsitter from anywhere with a complete Vivint Smart Home system.

It keeps your pets safer

The simple act of opening your front door can send some pets darting outside, which can be a real hazard to your pet’s safety. If your doorbell rings and your pet sitter is standing with the door ajar to talk to a visitor, your dog or cat may see it as an invitation to bolt.

With the Vivint Doorbell Camera, however, opening the door is not required to answer the door. Your pet sitter can communicate to the person on the other side without even having to open the door—or worry about your pets escaping.

It lets you see when your pet sitter arrives

If you’ve ever heard horror stories of pet sitters not stopping by at promised times (or at all), it can be worrisome hiring a new person. The Vivint Doorbell Camera lets you see when your pet sitter arrives and leaves, so you can be sure your pet is receiving the attention it needs.

petsitter woman dog couch
Make sure your petsitter arrives thanks to your Vivint Doorbell Camera.

It integrates with your Vivint Smart Home

When part of a complete smart home system, your doorbell camera can do more than let you see and speak to the people at your door. It makes pet sitting a breeze for both you and your sitter.

A Vivint smart lock, for example, allows your dog or cat sitter to unlock your front door with a code instead of a physical key. And if they forgot their code? No problem. Just use your doorbell camera’s two-way talk feature to give them a code, or unlock the front door yourself via the Vivint Smart Home app.

Vivint Doorbell Cameras features and specifications

Now that you've seen some of the ways a Vivint Doorbell Camera can benefit you and your sitters, you may be wondering how.

When it comes to wireless doorbell cameras, the Vivint Doorbell Camera has plenty of features that make it stand out from other doorbell cameras on the market. Some of the best include:

  • Two-way audio. Go beyond just seeing who's at the front door and speak to them, too. Vivint's two-way audio feature allows you to speak to your visitor on the go via the Vivint Smart Home app or from home via your Smart Hub.
  • 180 ̊ wide-angle lens. Your visitors don't need to be standing right in front of your doorbell for you to see them. The wide-angle lens provides a complete view of your entire front stoop.
  • Night vision. Clearly see who's coming and going day or night with night vision capabilities.
  • Custom notifications. With alerts and notifications on your smartphone whenever someone comes to the door, you'll never miss a delivery or visitor.
  • Motion detection. Smart motion detection notifies you when someone approaches. Not only that, visitor detection recognizes people, so you won't get a notification whenever a car drives by your home.
  • Recorded footage. If you can't get to the door (or your phone), you'll still know who stopped by. Motion detection activates 30-second Smart Clips and saves them for up to 45 days.

Integration with your Vivint Smart Home

The Vivint Doorbell Camera is an essential part of a Vivint Smart Home system, working with each component of your smart home to go above and beyond in many different ways. These include:

  • Enhancing your security system. The doorbell camera is an important part of a smart security system, integrating with security features like door sensors, motion detectors, and 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Rounding out your surveillance cameras. Vivint Smart Home provides a complete suite of security cameras for both inside and outside your home, so you never miss a thing. The doorbell camera plays an important part in capturing everyone that comes to your front door.
  • Allowing access from anywhere. When part of a Vivint Smart Home, you can access the doorbell camera from your smart home app. The top-rated Vivint Smart Home app also allows you to control all aspects of your smart home, from your thermostat to your lighting to your security system and everything in between.
vivint smart home product lineup
Enjoy complete control of your home with a Vivint Smart Home system.

Whether you've hired a house sitter, babysitter, or pet sitter, the Vivint Doorbell Camera provides safety, security, and convenience to the ones you've trusted with the most important people and things in your life.

To see how a Vivint Doorbell Camera can benefit you and the people who take care of your home, contact our Smart Home Pros today at 800.646.1469 for a free quote.

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