Nov 26, 2019|

Smart Lock Doors Increase Home Security From Lock Picking

Have you ever had to break into your home? If you haven't, it's a good idea to try. Depending on the outcome of picking a lock on the door, you'll know how easy it might be for an intruder to do the same. Whether you're a master lockpicker yourself or simply worry about skilled intruders, one way to upgrade the security of your home is to install a smart lock on your front door.

How easy is picking a lock?

I once found myself locked out of my own home with no keys. I always heard the credit card trick would work on doors with no dead bolts; I broke into my garage in a matter of minutes. That was the day we decided to upgrade our door locks. An intruder can certainly break into my home if I found it easy to do so without any experience.

A quick internet search of "picking a lock 101" will probably disturb you as much as it did me. Although there are times when one might need to pick a lock legally, I would venture that most times when someone is trying to break into a door that it's not for legal reasons. The fact there are hundreds of websites and articles dedicated to instructing people on how to pick locks is alarming and should be a concern when evaluating the safety of your home.

Smart locks increase home security

One way to eliminate this worry and increase the security of your home is to install a smart lock on your home's front door. Although there's a variety of smart lock products, the three main types are keypads, key fobs and remote access. All three are more secure for your home and will keep lockpickers at bay.

While all electronic door locks will increase the safety of your family, it's important to determine which type of door lock is right for your home. Determine if you're looking for convenience as well as safety. Also, figure out if you need multiple codes for your lock or if everyone shares the same one. If you're using a keypad-type smart lock, you need to choose a code that isn't easily guessed.

While paper clips and hair pins might work on some doors, they'll no longer work on yours when smart locks are installed. Rest easier knowing your family is tucked away safe inside your home if it has door locks that can't be picked. Modern smart home technology really is fantastic.

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