May 10, 2018|

Why Home Security Cameras Are an Easy Value-Add for Your Home

Indoor Camera on a shelf

There are all sorts of improvements and updates you can do both indoors and outdoors that add value to your home. A new furnace, remodeled bathrooms, renovated kitchen, or refreshed landscaping can all increase your home's worth.

Some updates offer long-term value, like new kitchens and bathrooms wherein you recoup your spend when you sell your home. But some improvements to your home can bring immediate value. A needed new furnace, for example, can heat your home more efficiently and potentially reduce your monthly energy spend.

Smart home technology updates are another way you can add value to your home and reap immediate benefits.

The value of smart home technology

Smart home tech updates to your living space are easy to incorporate into any home-improvement project—they can be relatively inexpensive and they're simple to install. And the best part is that you don't have to wait years to get value from smart tech home-improvement investments.

With the safety and security benefits smart home technology improvements provide, you're not only getting the immediate protection of the people in your home, but you're also protecting your home improvement investment with increased security.

The immediate benefit of security cameras for the value of your home

Installing indoor and outdoor home security cameras is one of the simplest ways to add immediate value to your home.

Vivint doorbell, indoor camera, and outdoor cameras, and the Smart Home App
Installing security cameras in and around your home provides immediate value by increasing security and keeping you connected.


Combined with the Vivint app, they markedly increase your home security and safety by keeping you connected to your home from anywhere&mdashyou always know what's going on no matter where you are. This also gives you peace of mind.

With professional consultation and installation, adding cameras to your home-improvement endeavors is simple.

Here’s the value you can get from smart home security cameras that keep you connected:

Outdoor cameras

Strategically placed outdoor cameras can greatly improve your home security. With outdoor cameras, you can keep an eye on those hard-to-see places around your home from your smart home hub or phone. The HD video gives you a crisp, clear view and high video quality. The infrared LEDs enable true night vision features so you can always see what's going on, day or night.

Vivint Pro installing Vivint outdoor camera
The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro keeps you aware of what's happening outside your home.

You'll receive notifications triggered by motion detection with a live feed—straight to your phone or panel. And you can easily access clips of video feed history to track activity and even zoom in on camera footage to get a closer look.

Doorbell camera (video doorbell)

With a live video doorbell you can hear doorbell chimes through both your mobile app and panel, which means you can answer your door from anywhere.

Kids using the Vivint doorbell camera
With the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, keeping an eye on your front porch has never been easier.

Thanks to smart visitor/person detection you're notified only when someone, not something, is at your door. With infrared LED for true night vision and a 180-degree viewing angle HD lens, you get a detailed view of your entire doorstep. And because a microphone and built-in speaker enable two-way audio & video conversations, you can see and speak with whoever is at your door from any location using your mobile devices.

Worried you missed something? Review video footage of camera history to track activity at your door.

Let’s be neighbors.

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Indoor security camera

With the Vivint indoor camera indoor security camera you always know what’s going on at home.

A 155-degree lens delivering 1080p HD video shows the widest, clearest field of view inside your home. Notifications straight to your mobile devices alert you to activity so you never miss a thing, whether you're just checking in on the kids, the pets or using indoor camera as a nanny cam. But just in case, you can always view clips of camera history after initial recording.

Child playing with her dog all captured by the Vivint Indoor Camera
The Vivint Indoor Camera is the world’s first indoor camera with true two-way communication keeps you connected to your family.


One-touch callout, straight to your mobile device, enables two-way talk with whoever's at home, so you can easily connect with family members while you're away.

DVR playback

You can dedicate up to four Vivint cameras—including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras— to record video to the Vivint Smart Drive, a playback DVR that curates continuous recordings from all around your home.

Guy using a Mac laptop to access his Vivint camera recordings
Store your camera video recording and access them remotely with storage on the Vivint Smart Drive.


With the Vivint Smart Drive service, you get the complete picture of doorstep visitors, flagged events, and significant moments from the past month. Vivint Smart Drive simplifies video search by creating an event marker whenever motion is detected, a door is unlocked at entry points, a window is opened, or any other activity occurs. You can easily find specific moments without watching your entire reel, leaving you more time to enjoy your memories.

And with cameras as part of a complete Vivint system, you can watch video footage on your smart security panel or smartphone using the Vivint app.

Vivint app

Our top-rated app puts the power of your smart home and your home security cameras in the palm of your hand. Watch and share live camera footage or playback and share video clips anytime, from anywhere.

Vivint app
Check your camera footage or video clips any time with the Vivint app.


The app enables two-way talk with indoor camera and doorbell camera from your mobile devices. With the app, you also get notifications and alerts on your mobile device so you always know what's happening in and around your home. Even better? Arm your smart home and cameras from anywhere with the tap of a finger with something as simple as a smartphone app.

Whether you're enjoying your home as it is, planning a remodel or a few renovations, or knee-deep in home repairs, there's room to add smart home technology and wireless security to the mix.

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