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The Best Home Security and Automation for Your California Home

Feb 26, 2021|

More people live in California than any other state, and it’s not hard to see why. From beaches to entertainment to a booming tech economy, there’s something for everyone in the Golden State. 

If you call California home, protecting your home and family is a top priority. Read on to find out how a home security system from Vivint can give you much-needed peace of mind.

California home security and automation guide

From coast to coast, homes with various security and automation features are some of the most in-demand. It’s easy to see why, too—home security with professional monitoring gives you peace of mind that your family and home are protected, and home automation makes your home more comfortable and convenient. 

While you can certainly get a security system for your home and standalone smart home devices, a system that provides both, along with monitoring services, will offer the most protection and seamless integration among devices.  

With Vivint, your security and smart home devices work together and can be controlled from a single app, and alarm monitoring means your home is protected around the clock. For example, you can arm your security system, turn off your lights, and lock your doors all from your Vivint app, whether you’re in another room or another state.

california home security automation
Protect your home and make life more convenient with a smart home security system.

Home security systems for California residents

Security systems can take on many forms, from simple alarms for your doors to complete systems with surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and professional monitoring. 

As you start to look for a home security system that meets your needs, it’s helpful to know the different components that can make up a security system, including: 

Security sensors

Security sensors are one of the most important parts of a home security system. When your system is armed, the sensors will pick up unauthorized entry or access to your home.

There are various sensors you can put throughout your home, such as: 

  • Door and window sensors that are triggered when someone opens a door or window.
  • Motion sensors, which sound an alarm when they detect motion in their field of vision. 
  • Glass break sensors that are tripped when glass is broken (even if the actual window or door isn’t opened).

If you have a monitored security system like Vivint, activating any of these sensors will also inform their professional monitoring system so they can take action.

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Safety alarms

Most people automatically think of intruders when they think of security systems, but break-ins aren’t the only threats facing a home. Safety alarms are another vital component of a complete system and alert you to emergencies. These alarms include: 

  • Smoke alarms. Smoke detectors are a must and one of the best ways to prevent death in the event of a house fire; in 3 of every 5 home fire deaths, smoke alarms were either not present or not working. In California, there are also specific requirements for smoke alarm placement, including one in each bedroom, one in each hallway near bedrooms, and one on every non-sleeping floor of your home. 
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Not only is it important to protect your home against the threat of deadly carbon monoxide, it’s also the law—California is one of 26 states that requires carbon monoxide detectors in homes. 
  • Water sensors. When it come to water leaks, it doesn’t take much to cause serious damage—according to FEMA, just one inch of water can cost as much as $25,000 in repairs. Water sensors placed in areas common to leaks or burst pipes can catch leaks and alert you before serious damage occurs. 
  • Panic pendant. For the elderly, disabled, or anyone with mobility issues, a fall can be a serious medical emergency. A panic pendant like one from Vivint can put the wearer in touch with Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring center so they can send help. It can also be used in an emergency situation, such as a home break-in.
california smoke detector
Safety alarms such as a smoke detector are an essential part of your home security system.

Business security 

California has 4.1 million small businesses, more than any other state in the country, and approximately half of those are home-based. 

If you’re a business owner—especially if you run your business from your home—business security is a must. A business security system often includes many of the components that make up a home security system, with a few modifications depending on your business. For example, if you have a shed or outbuilding that holds your business tools or inventory, you will probably want to add additional surveillance cameras or security sensors.

24/7 monitoring

Professional monitoring is a must for any home security system. Without it, your security system is nothing more than a loud alarm. While that may scare a burglar away, it won't help you if you're away from home and your smoke alarm goes off and you need the fire department.

With 24/7 monitoring, a central monitoring agency is alerted when an alarm in your home goes off. They will then contact you to make sure it's not a false alarm, and dispatch the proper authorities to your home. This allows you to focus on getting your family to safety.

Home automation any Californian can use

Imagine leaving your home every morning knowing your front door will automatically lock behind you. Or turning your air conditioner off when you leave for vacation and coming home a week later to a perfectly cooled house. With home automation, you can do that and more. 

Some of the smart home devices you can use to automate tasks and functions around the house include the following.

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat not only keeps your home at a comfortable temperature but also helps you save money in the process. Smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and adjust them automatically. If you’re not at home, your thermostat will automatically adjust to save energy, then go back to your preferred temperature once you’re home. 

Smart locks

While traditional locks with keys are the norm, they can be actually pretty inconvenient. You could lose your key, your kids could get locked out, or your hide-a-key could get in the wrong hands. With a smart lock, there’s no key to lose or forget. Instead, you can lock and unlock your door with your smartphone or your code. You can even create multiple codes so you’ll always know who’s coming and going. 

california home security
A smart lock from Vivint will keep your front door safe and secure.

Garage door control

Have you ever rushed to get out the door and wondered, "Did I close the garage door?" With a garage door control feature, you can open or close your garage door right from your Vivint app. And if someone left the door open, you'll receive a notification on your phone.

Smart lighting

With smart lighting from Vivint, you can control your lights from anywhere with your Vivint app. You can also create room groups and turn off all your downstairs lights or bedroom lights at once. Smart lighting lets you automate your lighting, too, so you can set your lights to turn on automatically when you unlock your front door or turn on and off at sunrise or sundown.


There are different types of security cameras you can put in your home, depending on your property and your needs:

  • Outdoor cameras give you a look at the exterior of your home and property. Because they're designed for outside use, they can withstand whatever weather California has. Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro also goes a step further with the Smart Deter feature, which identifies and deters lurkers on your property. 
  • Indoor cameras are helpful for keeping an eye on kids, pets, and specific areas inside your home. The Vivint Indoor Camera also features a speaker and one-touch callout, allowing family members to reach you on your phone right through the camera. 
  • Doorbell cameras are a must-have in any security system. With your smartphone, you can see who’s coming and going and answer your front door from anywhere, whether you’re home or not. Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro also has the same Smart Deter feature that the Outdoor Camera Pro has, helping keep package thieves away.
california doorbell camera
Answer your door from anywhere with a Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro.

Voice control

Another great part of home automation is hands-free control. Many Vivint devices integrate with smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home, so turning on lights or adjusting your temperature is as simple as saying a command. When your hands are full or you're busy with other tasks, hands-free control is a lifesaver.

Smart control

In addition to the automation aspect, part of what makes a smart home smart is the ability to control your devices and monitor your home from anywhere. With Vivint's top-rated app, you can view your cameras' video footage, answer your door, arm your security system, or turn your lights on and off—and that's just for starters.

If you're at home and you don't have your phone handy, no problem. The Vivint Smart Hub is your home's control panel, so you can do things like lock up, adjust your temperature, or speak to the monitoring center all from your Smart Hub.

Top 5 Security Essentials Ebook

Download our guide to home security.

Home is everything, so protect it. In this free guide you’ll find the information you need to create a safer, more secure home with the added convenience and comfort that come with smart automation.

Security systems near me

The state of California spans more than 1,000 miles from north to south, but whether you're in the forests of northern California, the beaches of San Diego, or somewhere in between, there's a security system for you.


California has some of the highest real estate prices in the country. But if you live in Bakersfield, you have the benefit of being in one of the most affordable cities in the Golden State while still staying within a few hours of all that California has to offer. 

However, Bakersfield is no stranger to crime. In fact, more than 96% of communities within the state have a lower crime rate than Bakersfield, making a security system a must for both protection and peace of mind. 


The capital of California, Sacramento is just an hour or so from Silicon Valley. This makes it more affordable than San Francisco while still boasting a robust job economy, particularly in the technology and government sectors. 

Sacramento also has one of the longest average commutes in the state, with the average clocking in at nearly 30 minutes one-way. A Vivint security system with home automation will make life easier for busy commuters, automating tasks like locking doors, adjusting lighting, and conserving energy while you’re away.

sacramento california home security
Protect your Sacramento home with a Vivint security system today.


When it comes to location, Fresno is pretty much in the center of activity. Although it’s considered a suburban city within the San Joaquin Valley, it’s just 3 hours to San Francisco, 3 hours to LA, 3 hours to the beach, and even closer to outdoor activities. 

If you live in Fresno and you’re taking advantage of your proximity to so much to do, a security system will give you peace of mind that your home is protected when you’re away on weekend and day trips.

San Diego 

San Diego consistently ranks as one of the happiest cities in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. San Diego has an average of 266 sunny days a year and an abundance of outdoor spaces and beaches in which to enjoy the beautiful weather. The emphasis on fitness and healthy food is also why it’s the third healthiest city in the country. 

With a home security system in San Diego and the ability to access your home wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your home whether you’re at work, on the beach, or out and about.

san diego california home security
Keep an eye on your San Diego home no matter where you are with a Vivint security system.

Los Angeles

As the most populous city in California and second only in the country to New York City, Los Angeles isn't without big city problems—particularly a higher than average crime rate. With a 1 in 33 chance of being the victim of theft or robbery in LA, a security system with professional monitoring from Vivint will give you peace of mind and easy access to help if you need it.

Why you need a Vivint security system for your California home

As you look for home security in California, you want to find a system that can do a lot—after all, you're trusting it with your home and family.

Vivint is the best choice for home security systems for a wide range of reasons. In addition to some of the most advanced home security and home automation devices available, a system from Vivint also includes professional installation, round the clock alarm monitoring, and a customer service team ready to assist if needed.

Vivint also gives you the ability to customize your security system to your home and family's specific needs.

If you're ready to start protecting your home in California, contact our Smart Home Pros today at 800.646.1469. They'll help you find a security system that will give you peace of mind no matter where you are.

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