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Vivint Smart Home Offers Industry-Leading Smart Home Tech & Security for Cypress, California

When it comes to protecting your home you can either rely on the window and door locks installed on your home already, or upgrade to Vivint Smart Home technology. Our proprietary smart home technology is more than just smart, it's intelligent and learns as it goes to keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable, all while saving you money.

A home security system is only as good as the measure of control you have over its operation. With outdated home security systems, you have zero visibility when you're away and have to scramble to some keypad in the center of the house to arm and disarm your system.

The Vivint Smart Hub is changing all of that by making home security and monitoring easier and more intuitive to use. More than 500,000 customers in North America trust Vivint Sky to keep them safe, and now you can too.

All Vivint Smart Home technology is centrally controlled through the Vivint Smart Hub, which is a flexible platform that puts control over all your networked devices on one touchscreen control panel in the home, and in your pocket wherever you go on the Vivint Sky app. The key to Vivint Sky is that it is not just smart home technology, its intelligent technology that senses, processes, and communicates wirelessly. With Vivint Sky you can take full control over your home's smart technology:

  • Our intelligent system bundles and links all smart home components together in a network communication ecosystem that is controlled through one interface.
  • System can be controlled through the in-home Vivint Smart Hub panel, Vivint Smart Home App, or even through voice commands on Amazon Echo.
  • Smart Assistant helps your home adapt to your lifestyle and proactively adjust items such as the thermostat, keeping you cool during Cypress summers while saving energy and money.

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Features of Vivint Smart Home Security

You can't always be home to keep an eye on your things, and if you have children in the home this might give you more anxiety than the average homeowner. With the help of Vivint Smart Home security, you can keep a watchful eye on your home and see your kids get home from school each day, even while you're still at the office or stuck in traffic.

Our outdoor cameras provide HD coverage of your home, capturing 20-second video clips when motion sensors are triggered. You can view these recorded clips at any time, and even receive mobile notifications of activity so you know when the kids are home. Combined with our door and window sensors, you'll know the minute your kids get home from school and open the front door, and you can verify they're home safe by viewing the HD camera footage.

Other benefits of our Vivint Smart Home security systems include 24/7/365 monitoring of:

  • Smoke Detectors: Photoelectric technology senses increases in heat inside your home while smoke detectors connected to Vivint Sky trigger a response from our monitoring team.
  • Motion Detectors: Infrared technology captures any nearby motions.
  • Door & Window Sensors: More than simply monitoring the front door, this system can detect when a child's bedroom window opens or the medicine cabinet is tampered with.

Intelligent Smart Home Systems in Cypress, California

Anyone can have smart home technology. After all, programmable thermostats are smart enough to turn on and off when you tell them or adjust temperatures during the daytime hours to different levels on weekdays and weekends. Vivint Sky home security isn't just smart, it's intelligent. You can do more than simply program, you can sit back and relax while Vivint adjusts settings for you.

The greatest value of Vivint Smart Home security is the ability to control your system from anywhere, and control who has the power to access your system. Vivint Sky gives you:

  • Access to home controls for thermostats, door locks, cameras, and arm/disarm security features from anywhere.
  • Access for multiple users from the same account, giving everyone in the family the power to access smart home controls. You can also set custom rules and notifications, limiting the access and controls for children.
  • Upgrade options that include continuous recording of doorbell camera and other security cameras to avoid overburdening your wireless networks with constant video uploads.
  • All of these features are available to you through Vivint Sky, no matter where you are. Whether you're at home in bed when the doorbell rings early on a Saturday morning or on vacation at Disney World when the motion sensors are triggered, Vivint Sky is watching and will send you a notification so you can see what's going on for yourself.

It's Now Easier than Ever to Upgrade to Vivint Smart Home in Cypress, California

Smart home technology may be the wave of the future, but if you live in an older home it means installing these items as upgrades to your home. Vivint Smart Home Technology and Security services are more affordable now than ever before.

Vivint makes it easy for you to enjoy first-rate smart home technology and industry-leading security by providing you with all the equipment needed—up to $1,500 worth—for free.

Your home is unique, and so is your family's lifestyle. Vivint understands that, which is why our smart home services are tailored to each home and family in Cypress, California. Best of all, this is all available for less than you pay for a new smartphone. All Vivint Smart Home Security comes with:

  • Installation service to wire and install equipment
  • Service assistance to re-wire and integrate existing third-party devices

Now's the time to upgrade to Vivint Smart Home technology and security. Say goodbye to the "smart" service of other providers, and upgrade to our intelligent service today!

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