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Vivint gives you the best smart home technology in San Diego, California

The Vivint Smart Home is the most advanced smart home system for your San Diego, California home. And it's not just in California. Vivint Smart Home is the leading smart home provider across North America with more than 500,000 customers already benefiting from the services. The benefits are numerous. Vivint subscribers gain energy savings that reduce utility bills and home security that can help you to know your loved ones are always protected. Plus, with Vivint, you'll have the convenience of monitoring your home from anywhere you want, too. Vivint Sky is the intelligence layer of the Vivint Smart Home system. It's more than just a tool that allows you to program your home's thermostat to turn on and off. It's a control platform that bundles all your smart home components into a single user interface. With Vivint Sky—the highest-rated and most downloaded smart home app on The App Store—there's no need to open a new app for each of your smart home components. With its in-home, touchscreen control panel, and mobile app connectivity, Vivint Sky includes sensing, processing, and wireless communications that allow home components to communicate and respond to each other without extra input from you. In short, this system knows what you want and need and effectively ensures your home is just the way you want and need it to be.

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Vivint Smart Home keeps San Diego homes safe

Though most neighborhoods in San Diego are safe, everyone has the need for enhanced security in and around their home. The Vivint Smart Home system gives you the high level of protection and security that you need, through a number of outstanding security features. Check out some of the tools that help give you peace of mind: The HD security camera outside your home allows you to see what's happening at your home when you’re out. Even better, it provides on-demand access to 20-second video clips and it will send you notifications if there's motion detected, even when you are not looking. With Infrared technology, it doesn't matter if it's dark outside. Door and window sensors take your security further. Whenever a door or window is opened, the central monitoring system immediately notifies you. Imagine being able to know when your child has gotten into the medicine cabinet or someone is breaking into your home through a back window. Fire is another home security risk and with the Vivint smoke detector component, not only do you get immediate warnings about smoke presence but also photoelectric energy detection that senses the heat increases and alerts to it. And, it's available every minute of every day.

Vivint Is the Most Intelligent Smart Home System in San Diego, California

San Diego's beautiful weather and high temperatures can really be costly to homeowners trying to stay cool. But, when you have the control and convenience that Vivint Smart Home offers, you can get a better grasp of costs and even see a significant reduction in what you are paying. Check out some of the other benefits of this intelligent system. You can control the system's outdoor cameras, access to your home, and thermostats remotely. You can turn on your home's security system with access to the Vivint Smart Home App. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™ gives you the ability to actually talk to whoever is at your door. You get a 180-degree lens and HD resolution for the most effective clarity and ability to respond. You never have to unknowingly open your door to the wrong person again. And, you can set up your account so that more than one person can access it. The benefit also allows you to set up custom rules and notifications for each user. Give your teen only the access you want him or her to have. What's more, you gain all of this control with the ability to make changes and arm systems with voice commands when you integrate Amazon Echo.

Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in San Diego is easier than ever

No matter where you are located in San Diego, Vivint Smart Home can help you solve the mundane problems of operating a household. And you can get a full-feature Vivint Smart Home system for cheaper and easier than you might think. Vivint Smart Home Pros offer professional installation to new subscribers. That means you can get your system installed in no time and without paying high upfront costs. More so, you do not have to do considerable construction on your home. It's easy and here's why: Smart Home Pros install the entire system, this best-of-class system without any upfront costs. You get expert installation. That means you don't have to worry about any concerns in the installation process. The cost of the Vivint Smart Home system in San Diego averages about what most people pay for their smartphone each month. That's a huge amount of security and convenience without much cost at all. What's more, it's easy to get started. Contact us today to get your system installed in San Diego today and learn just how effective and efficient it can be to manage your home.

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