Saving Energy During the Colder Months

When the weather turns cold, the thermostat is cranked up and the heating bill can skyrocket as a result. Homeowners are interested in saving energy and always looking for ways to conserve to save money during the cold months. Here are tips to help keep your home's heating costs down when it's cold outside.

Smart homeowners use smart thermostats

It only benefits a family to have a warm home when present, and a smart thermostat makes it easy to both set a schedule for the thermostat and remotely control it. During the day when no one's home, lower your thermostat. When the work or school day is over and everyone is traveling home, turn it up via the smartphone app, so it's warm when you get there.

On days when the routine is known, program the smart thermostat to increase and decrease as needed, depending on the family's schedule. Everyone will always be comfy and cozy while home.

Let there be light

The sun is a powerful source of heat, and a great tip to warm up the home and save energy is to open up your blinds during the day. Smart window blinds are remotely controlled, so you can open them up on a particularly cold and sunny day from wherever you are. This prevents the heat from turning on without reason.

Keep it warm

Smart technology helps homeowners immensely when it comes to saving energy. Check that the basics around the home are covered. This includes properly sealing and covering windows and doors, insulating your home and keeping entry doors shut.

The heating system should be maintained and in good condition, with annual check-ups and filter changes. A well-running heating system uses less energy to warm your house.

During the cold months, there's a lot you need to do, places you'll visit and plenty of holidays to celebrate. Saving energy means keeping money in your pocket that can be used for a ski trip or family holiday party. Of course, these are much better way to enjoy the winter months than sitting at home wasting money with an inefficient home.

When planning for your winter home improvements, a smart thermostat could be a great place to start. Contact a Vivint representative today to learn more.

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