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Do I Really Need a Security System in a Safe Neighborhood?

What’s the most important factor to consider when looking for a new home? If you’re like the majority of people, it’s safety.

In a recent survey of new homebuyers, 5 in 6 people1 surveyed said the neighborhood was more important than the house itself, with safety playing a large role in their decision-making process.

No matter how safe a neighborhood is, no area is completely immune to crime. In fact, Naperville, Illinois, the safest city in the United States in 2017 based on violent and property crime statistics, still had 1,122 property crimes per 100,000 individuals2.

Is your safe neighborhood making you lax?

The safety of your neighborhood—and the behavior of your neighbors—may actually leave you susceptible to crimes of opportunity.

Neighborhood pathway

According to the Department of Justice, 40 percent of break-ins3 occur through unlocked windows or doors. So if you’re prone to leave for work in the morning without bothering to lock the doors, you could be a target.

Not all break-ins occur when people are away on vacation or at work. In a four-year period, an average of 1 million burglaries4 occurred when a member of the household was home.

So what does that mean for you? Simple steps like locking doors in your home can go a long way. For the rest, even the presence of a burglary system may be enough to make a criminal move on—about 83 percent of burglars5 said they look for the presence of an alarm system before attempting to enter.

But if you live in a safe neighborhood and are wondering, “Are security systems worth it?” check out some of the reasons you may not have considered:

Home security is more than just alarms

Home security systems have come a long way in recent years. A home security system is more than an alarm that trips when your front door opens; it’s a sophisticated network of sensors, detectors, and cameras that keep a pulse on everything that goes on in your home.

Vivint Professional Monitoring Support
Modern home security systems include 24/7 home security monitoring, providing help when you need it.

These sensors are connected to a 24/7 monitoring system that will contact emergency responders in the event of a fire, break-in, or medical emergency—whether you’re home or not.

Security cameras can see what you don’t

In suburban neighborhoods (especially those with large populations of children and teens), property damage isn’t necessarily a rare occurrence. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, property damage that includes malicious mischief (think egging or vandalism) is the third6 most common home insurance claim.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Kids Soccer
Outdoor surveillance cameras keep an eye on your property and can help you identify causes of damage.

In situations like this, a security camera can be invaluable. They can also capture accidental damage that no one fesses up to. If you wake up one morning to find a shattered car window and your outdoor surveillance camera shows a neighbor’s child hitting a ball through it, you can go directly to the parents for reimbursement rather than your insurance.

Let’s be neighbors.

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Security is a neighborhood affair

There’s no doubt about it—a neighborhood with a Neighborhood Watch program makes communities safer. And an app like Streety takes neighborhood watch to the next level.

This unique app allows neighbors to request access to each other’s outdoor, residential cameras to identify trespassing, vandalism and property damage, or theft.

Streety Smartphone App Man Couch
The Streety App is a modern approach to neighborhood watch that helps neighbors work together to keep their neighborhood safe.

The Streety app integrates with many camera brands, making it an invaluable resource for connecting neighbors.

Smart home systems keep you connected to your home

The benefits of having a home security system go beyond deterring criminals. With a smart home app, you can check in on your home wherever you are.

Forget to lock your doors? No problem. Just log in to the app and enable your smart locks. You can also receive notifications when motion detectors are set off, surveillance cameras sense movement, or create your own custom alerts.

Garage Door Control App
The Vivint app lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere.

Living in a safe neighborhood provides a sense of security and peace. But when your home and family are concerned, one thing is certain—you can never be too careful. No matter how safe your neighborhood is, the peace of mind and protection that come from a security system is truly priceless.

Learn more about what a home security system can do for you.


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