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Customize Your Home Automation Experience

As home automation and the Internet of Things have progressed, your home can now behave how and when you want it to, as if it shares your DNA.

Smart and automated homes have gone far beyond controlling lighting and appliances, to virtually anything inside or outside your home. Based on your routine and life, you set a schedule, your preferences and comfort level. Then, watch your smart home go to work for you. Here's why customizing your home automation system matters, so it's unique to you and your lifestyle.

Communication skills

Your ideal automation system will seamlessly talk to your various electronic devices throughout the home like they're all on one team. More companies are joining forces so communication goes smoothly across more gadgets, such as thermostats, security systems, lights, and TVs. How does your refrigerator know what your thermostat is doing? Wireless control improves the home's communication ability. More manufacturers are building this into in their new products and innovations to accommodate the never-ending possibilities for your smart home.

Growing together

Unless you're clairvoyant, you can't predict all the new innovations on the horizon, but you can guarantee technology will change, and so will your life and home needs. A great home automation system needs to be flexible and grow with you as your family, home and budget all change through the years. It's important that your system be nimble enough that, as time goes by and new technology enters your world, these devices still work together.

Control issues

Home automation is all about your ability to put your house into action around the clock, no matter where you are. This means your home devices play well together for your energy savings and security. You don't want a system that won't cooperate with how you live.

New automation

Smart homes aren't just about making your life more convenient, but also cooler and more fun. Every week it seems there are new gadgets and tech toys for the home. Keep an eye out for tools like outdoor irrigation that connects with your smart home touch panel, fireplaces you can operate from your automated system, connected towel warmers and lights you can control from your smartphone.

Just like your home's paint color, decor style, furniture and art all speak to your personality and lifestyle, it's the same idea when deciding on your automation system. You shouldn't have to change your lifestyle for some generic system. Think of the ideal customized automation setup as that smart and accommodating concierge at your favorite hotel, only now they're really your smart home.

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