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Changing the Way You Use Home Security Cameras

What comes to mind when you think about home security cameras? Your brain likely focuses on the typical functionality of a security camera, which is to ward off intruders or record a break-in. While this is a great service that provides invaluable peace of mind, imagine if your home security cameras could do even more.

For instance, Vivint's new Ping Camera is more than just your average security camera and brings your home automation system to the next level. Here's how.

Send phone calls out

While some security cameras allow you to call in and speak to the residents of a home, the Ping Camera lets anyone in the home call out. If you go out to dinner with your partner, you don't need to worry about your elderly parent who stays at home. In case of an emergency, he or she can easily use this camera to send out a call to your phone.

Those who can barely use a push-button telephone, let alone a smartphone, will be glad to know the call functionality of this camera is incredibly easy to use. By merely pressing a button, you can directly call the intended recipient, providing instant communication if you need help.

Receive custom alerts on your phone

With a camera monitoring your home, you'll feel at ease when you go out of town for an extended period of time. You can set your home security system to send custom alerts that notify you the instant someone steps into a room.

This notification works great if you want to make sure house sitters don't wander into off-limits rooms. You can also receive an alert if someone enters or breaks into your home when you're not there. The second something changes in your home, you'll know about it.

Integrate security with your home

Customized alerts can also notify you when an alarm triggers. It's scary to think about watching an intruder burglarize your home in real time, but having the camera on to let you know when an alarm triggers can potentially save your life.

Alarms can also be triggered by animals breaking into the house or accidentally breaking out. Knowing the second your pets get loose and being able to quickly figure out what's happening can make a huge difference when it comes to finding them quickly and making sure they're safe.

The new Ping Camera does more than keep you secure and give you peace of mind — it provides an added convenience of custom alerts and the capability to send calls out from the home. With this addition to your home automation system you'll soon understand how to change the way you use home security cameras in your life.

Interested in equipping your home with security cameras for complete control? Learn more information by checking out Vivint today.