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7 Connected Appliances That Improve Home Efficiency

Smart home control isn't limited to security systems. Just about any appliance you own can be connected to your system, making your home and daily life more efficient. Here are few of the most commonly used household devices that easily become connected appliances.

1. Lights

Automate your lights by swapping out your light bulbs for smarter Z-wave options. These devices communicate directly with your home automation system through radio frequencies. Even ordinary lamps can become connected appliances. Simply use plug-in control modules to connect your lamps to your system, and you've got updated fixtures that once seemed outdated.

2. Kitchen appliances

Controlling small kitchen appliances with your home automation system isn't just a matter of convenience. It's also better for the environment. Small appliances are sometimes known as "energy vampires" because they continue to suck energy simply by being plugged in, even when they're not being used. Turn them into connected appliances by routing your outlet connection through a plug-in control module. This allows you to control your appliances more easily, and it makes them more energy efficient by putting a stop to power drainage.

3. Televisions

Your smart TV can grow even smarter when connecting it to your home automation system. You'll never need to fumble around for lost remotes. Simply tap your smartphone app to control your television. Better yet, if you connect a voice-controlled device — like Amazon Echo — just command your television with your voice.

4. Audio systems

Built-in audio systems are excellent additions to any good home entertainment system, but installation and speaker wiring can be costly — go wireless instead. Z-wave and Wi-Fi-enabled speakers can connect to and be controlled through your smart home system.

5. Thermostats

Controlling your HVAC system through your home automation system not only makes cooling and heating your home more energy efficient, but it saves money on your energy bill. A smart thermostat does so much more than turn your system on and off remotely. Using your home's sensors and customized settings, it can regulate temperatures based on things such as the time of day and how many people are home, which regulates your energy consumption.

6. Fans

When you don't need the full power of the air conditioner, but you still need to cool things off, fans can be great. However, they're often left on and forgotten when you're away, wasting valuable energy. Using a control module eliminates this by giving you the power to operate fans remotely via the app.

7. Beauty tools

How many times have you left the house wondering if you left the curling iron on, forcing you to drive home to check? By turning your beauty tools into connected appliances, you never have to waste time worrying if you've left something on. Using a control module, add your plugged-in tools as devices to your automated system. Additionally, set up alerts to see when things are left on.

As smart home technology continues to develop, the possibilities for connected appliances will also expand. Using a cloud-based, integrated system allows you to add and control new devices as your smart home grows.

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Image Credit: Flickr