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Winning Home Automation Options From Vivint in Concord

Unless you like living in the past, there's no reason for you to put up with old or obsolete technology at your Concord, especially considering how cheap and easy it is to upgrade to a Vivint. Regardless of the size of the property or the number of occupants, Vivint can outfit you with the smart home systems that will turn it into a modern marvel — just like it has done for more than a million customers across North America.

With Vivint equipment installed in your Concord, California home, you can access the entire home control system through the Vivint Smart Hub platform. Vivint Smart Hub is the intelligence component implied by the term ‘smart home.’ The Vivint Smart Hub platform creates a robust communication ecosystem that bundles all of your smart devices into a single control dashboard. Some of the benefits of Vivint Smart Hub include:

  • No need to switch between multiple apps to operate your home
  • On control interface but three control options, Smart Hub panel, Vivint app and Amazon Echo device
  • The Smart Assist feature that automatically regulates HVAC appliances for energy savings
  • 24/7 monitoring that lets you to summon assistance in an emergency with the touch of a button

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Vivint Offers A Robust Security Framework in Concord

Because Concord, California, is part of the Greater Metropolitan San Francisco Bay Area, it's subject to the same problems, like crime and fires, that plague any big city. Guard yourself and your family against them with security products from Vivint, and you'll be able to rest easier at night. Vivint has its roots as a dedicated home security organization, and its expansion into the home automation space has only strengthened these capabilities.

Vivint doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so you'll be able to design a security system that incorporates those features that you find essential. If you feel like it, you can choose to include:

  • An outdoor camera to keep an eye on the premises
  • Motion detectors so that nothing and no one can sneak up unawares
  • A smoke alarm that can also sense changes in temperature

All of these devices, and more, will be accessible from your smartphone, so you'll be able to keep tabs on them even when you're away. Any would-be intruder banking on an undefended house when you're not present will be in for a rude awakening.

Raise the IQ of Your Concord Home With Vivint's Assistance

It can be tough to integrate multiple pieces of technology together in a way that makes sense, but this is just what a Vivint in Concord, California, does. Instead of trying to fiddle with your gadgets one at a time, you'll be able to take advantage of the fact that all components are designed to work together smoothly and can be controlled all at once from a single interface. The Smart Home is well named because it will operate intelligently, much more so than most competing solutions, to keep you happy.

For instance, if you're expecting a delivery while you're at work, you'll be able to use the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro and Smart Locks to good effect. When the delivery person arrives at your home, you'll receive a notification on your mobile device. You'll be able to chat with him or her and verify the fact that there's a package for you. Then simply open the door from afar so that you can receive your shipment, and it will be there, waiting for you, when you get home. No more counting on neighbors to accept a box for you, running around to the freight company's central depot or hoping to be home in future for a rescheduled delivery.

A Vivint Upgrade: The Best Choice for Your Concord Property

Vivint is aware that, as amazing as its lineup of wonderful goods is, some people in Concord, California, are put off by the the imagined expense of acquiring them. But with Vivint, you get top-of-the-line smart home equipment. Imagine owning the latest in smart home technology completely hassle-free, and without making a major investment in equipment and installation labor. Instead you pay a monthly service subscription that costs about the same as a typical monthly smartphone contract.

The Vivint Pros are experts at installing advanced electronic devices to buildings large and small, old and new. They would be pleased to provide you with a customized Smart Home that's personally configured for your enjoyment and safety. When you opt to upgrade your residence to become a Smart Home, you'll get:

  • Ongoing support to keep your systems functioning in an error-free manner
  • The freedom to incorporate third-party devices

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