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Living alone, I felt like having a little extra security would be nice. My Vivint alarm system was installed about a year ago. I honestly felt like getting this alarm was not absolutely necessary because the area I live in had a very safe reputation. I often wondered if a system was really necessary, but I kept it - just in case. I am so glad I did. One morning in April, I was rushing out the door. I took the few seconds it requires to turn on my Vivint alarm and headed out to work. I had been gone from my home only fifteen minutes when I received the call. Vivint was on the line informing me that the master bedroom window alarm had been activated. They had already alerted the police and were calling to verify if this was a required action. I asked them to keep the police in route and returned home. When I returned home, the police were at my house. They informed me that my master bedroom window had been broken with a rock, but the attempted thief had not made it inside. The alarm had deterred him/her and had sent him/her running. I have never been so grateful for an alarm, nor for the swiftness with which Vivint responded. Although I had to pay for the broken window, my home was safe and nothing had been taken. This was because of Vivint. I have no doubt of that. The alarm sounded. Vivint took action immediately. The police responded quickly. The minimal fee I pay Vivint monthly saved me perhaps thousands of dollars in losses and repairs. Above that, I feel safe in my home. Because of Vivint, I have a feeling of security at my home. That feeling is something one doesn't realize is so important until it is threatened. With Vivint, I feel safer and more secure. I religiously turn on my alarm every day and night. It saved me once and, though I hope there will never be cause for it to save me again, I am so grateful Vivint is there, just in case. I am so thankful for Vivint protecting my home that day in April and protecting my sense of safety everyday since.
Erica O., Ogden, UT

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