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Best home security systems in Utah

Utah homeowners just like you are signing up for Vivint smart home’s security and home automation systems every day. With smart devices like window sensors, security cameras, video doorbells, garage door controllers, and more, you can ensure your home is safe, protected, and up to date with the latest technology.

It’s never been easier to make the switch to a smart home. With Vivint, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 professional security monitoring all for about the cost of your monthly mobile phone bill.

The benefits of the smart lifestyle add up quickly, too, from saving money on energy bills to monitoring who comes and goes from your home.

Vivint now provides the best home security systems in Utah. We’re already the leading provider of smart home technology in North America.

Transform your home into a smart home with Vivint today to see why over 1 million homes, from coast to coast and everywhere in between, choose our smart home and security services.

  • 24/7 Monitoring - Your home stays monitored by a team of professional specialists. If an event occurs in or around your home, you get a notification through your Vivint Smart Hub control panel or Vivint app. You have a chance to check for yourself by reviewing video from security cameras on demand or other quick methods. If it’s really an emergency, Vivint contacts your Utah police or fire department for you.
  • Easy, Intuitive Management - Controlling your home is easy with one of three options. Use the Vivint Smart Hub control panel in your home. If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can use voice commands. On the go, use our top-rated Vivint app.
  • Comfortable Smart Home Living - Lock your doors from bed at night. Turn on the heat as you drive home from work. Double check that you closed the garage on the way to work. Talk to doorbell visitors through the app from anywhere and lots more.

To get the best home security system available to Utah homeowners right now, call Vivint to get started. Our systems are more affordable than ever now.

Benefits of home security systems in Utah

Explore the benefits of upgrading your home security system in Utah.

Right away, homeowners report increased peace of mind. You can rest assured your family, pets, and home are protected from burglary, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and even floods or freezing pipes.

In the long run, other benefits start to add up quickly.

  • See your Utah homeowner’s insurance rates drop. Most insurers lower rates when they learn you installed Vivint smart home security.
  • Lower your energy bills. Your Vivint Smart Hub adjusts temperature and lighting to your lifestyle. You’ll stay comfortable in all seasons, but your improved efficiency can lead to lower electric bills by up to 12% in some cases.
  • Manage your entrances. Count on smart locks to keep your home secure. Give access to kids or trusted contacts when you’re not there. Have conversations with doorbell visitors, no matter where you are when you use the Vivint app.
  • Improve your property value. A protected home attracts fewer intruders, while smart home conveniences attract higher-paying buyers. Both these factors are great for you if you’re trying to build equity or if you decide to sell your home.

Start realizing the benefits of Vivint smart home devices and security monitoring today when you call to get started.

Smart home security features

Utah homeowners are making the change to Vivint because Vivint is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Since you customize the features of your smart home, you can ensure your smart home security protects everything possible, while enjoying all the smart home comforts you want.

Start selecting the features and devices that are right for your home right now.

  • Vivint Security Sensor - Receive a notification any time someone opens protected doors and windows, including kids’ rooms, medicine cabinets, or gun cabinets.
  • Vivint Motion Sensor - Rely on infrared motion sensors to protect your rooms with a 90-degree look down.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro - See, hear, and speak to people at your door from anywhere with two-way audio. Get a notification any time someone rings the bell and see who it is before you decide to respond.
  • Vivint Smart Thermostat - Take care of your energy bills in Utah with our smart thermostat. The Smart Thermostat integrates with your Vivint smart home system and makes adjustments to save you money on energy without sacrificing your comfort.

Finalize your decisions on a call with one of our award-winning customer service team members and schedule your installation today.

Upgrading smart home security in Utah

Upgrading to smart home security in Utah has never been easier or more affordable. Get our world-class 24/7 security monitoring plus full smart home control through your Vivint Smart Hub in-home control panel and Vivint app, all for about the price of your monthly phone bill.

Contact our customer service team to review the devices that are best for you and set up an installation with one of our Smart Home Pros. Your Pro installs your Vivint Smart Hub and your other devices, so you can start enjoying all the benefits of around-the-clock security and an automated smart home lifestyle.

Call today to get started.

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Frequently asked home security questions in Utah

What should a home security system include?

Utah is known for its beautifully diverse terrain, from the snowy Wasatch mountains to the red rocks and arches in the south. So, when it comes to Utah home security systems, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best security system for your home depends on your location, budget, and needs.

That being said, a comprehensive home security system would likely include the following:

Security cameras. The quality of your security cameras can make or break the proficiency of your security system. Smart cameras that don’t just record crime, but actually prevent it, are the way to go.

Security sensors. Security sensors are essentially the trigger of your security system, sounding the alarm if they’re triggered. Sensors can be placed at every entry point to ensure total protection.

Safety alarms. If you’ve experienced those random blizzards at the end of March, you know it’s not just intruders or thieves you need to protect your home from. Safety alarms can help prevent frozen pipes, floods, fires, and gas leaks.

24/7 monitoring. One of the things that sets Vivint apart from other home security systems is 24/7 monitoring. When an alarm sounds in your home, our award-winning monitoring team will be notified immediately, connect with you, and send emergency personnel if needed.

Vivint systems are customized to meet your needs. Give us a call to see which products would work best for your home. Or check out the Vivint Buying Guide to learn more.

How much does it cost to install a security system in home?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of alarm system you are installing, where you live in Utah, what kind of home you have, what company the alarm system comes from, and how many devices and services it includes. To help you navigate the many costs that you have to consider when deciding on an alarm system, we’ve put together an In-Depth Guide to Home Security System Costs.

Is it worth paying for a security system?

For many Utah residents a security system is well worth the cost not only because it helps them keep their home and loved ones safe, but also because it provides peace of mind. For Vivint customers in Utah, smart security cameras alone justify the cost. See why.

Is it better to have a security system or cameras?

Vivint offers comprehensive smart home security packages because in order to create a safer, more efficient, more convenient living space, all your devices must work together and connect on one platform. Simply installing a few security cameras may not give you the same peace of mind that a complete smart home system will.

The good news is that Vivint packages are all fully customizable to meet your needs. But don’t take our word for it. Find out which smart home system is best for you.

How do I turn my home into a smart house?

The long answer? Start by identifying problems, concerns, and needs that you would like your smart home to help solve. Then, compare different options, brands, products, costs, etc. Once you know what you really need to create your perfect smart home, learn more about what Vivint offers.

The short answer? You turn your home into a smart home by simply giving us a call.

What are the 3 common uses of home automation?

Three of the most common use cases for home automation are:

  • Lights that turn on and off when you leave the room or lock the front door.

  • Garage doors that close when your car backs out of the driveway.

  • Doors that unlock for an easier escape if a smoke detector goes off

See what else Vivint smart home automation can do.