Staying Connected While Away for the Holidays

Kay Murray traveled for work multiple times throughout the year, and staying connected to her family during those weeks away was possible due to smart technology and apps. She could see her children before bed, text her husband during the day and see into her home, thanks to their home security cameras.

This year was the first time Kay had to be away during an important weekend, due to an unexpected trip coordinating a last-minute merger. Staying connected was necessary.

Check in with messages and alerts

Kay checked in at least a couple times each day. She messaged her family to ask how their day was, and made sure they were home safely each night. She made an effort to video chat with her children before they went to sleep, just like she did when tucking them in at night.

Kay set alerts on her smartphone so she'd know if anyone in the family had an emergency. This made her reachable while in meetings, even with her phone volume off.

Spend virtual time together

Kay wanted to see her family as though she were home. This included holiday preparations, the days leading up to the holiday and while they sat at the dinner table. With a video app connected to the indoor security camera, she could see everyone coming and going in real time and even communicate with them.

Kay connected with her family via her smartphone or tablet at any time of day or night. After meetings and when she returned to her hotel room, Kay would reach out to her family and talk about their day. She also saw anything she missed because the security camera feeds were stored in the cloud.

When her daughter let her know she successfully attempted her walking handstand in the living room, Kay watched it just a few hours later. It made Kay and her family feel as though she were almost at home with them.

Many parents must travel for work, and sometimes, they're gone during holidays and special moments. There are ways to stay in touch due to this great technology, making it seem as though those that matter are practically by your side when it matters. Kay sat with her family while they ate turkey and cranberry sauce, and talked with them while having her own holiday dinner many miles away.

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