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Smart and Friendly Technology for All Ages

Even if you or someone you love didn't grow up with home automation options, it's never too late to learn — and benefit — from the power of this friendly technology. Life-enhancing devices and apps are available at the tap of a touchscreen. All that's needed is a little old fashioned one-on-one to get up and running with confidence. And, if you're the one on the "teacher" side of a lesson in tech education, being able to share these modern day time-savers is a real gift you can give to those special people in your life who may be hesitant to let go of doing things the way they have always been done.

Learning new tricks for old tasks

Have you ever run into any of these inconveniences that could easily be solved with today's smart technologies?

  • Just got comfortable in bed, but forgot to turn off the outdoor lights.
  • Child left home without their key and can't get in after school.
  • Left garage door open, but already at work.
  • Heating and cooling bills are through the roof and require better monitoring of daily use.
  • On vacation, but want to check on home security systems periodically.

While young people today are accustomed to using technological tools to navigate their days, such as smartphones and tablets, there are still many people across generations who are reluctant to replace their traditional methods of operating with an unknown system. The best way to cure technophobes of any age is to introduce them to friendly technology that can easily illustrate why these systems are really just sleek, handheld ways of solving everyday problems.

Gaining peace of mind with automation

Today's technological advancements paired with custom designed apps make it easy to solve daily challenges of always needing to be in the right place at the right time. Having access to easy-to-use tools that allow for remote adjustments to home automation systems allows for both freedom and peace of mind. The first step towards taking advantage of these modern advancements is getting over the fear of the unknown. With the right guidance in place, a tailored system can be designed that works when and how it's needed most. Once a comfort level with smart technology has been achieved, along with an appreciation for the time-saving capabilities these simple programs can afford, the all-knowing gadget and the sure-to-be devoted user are likely to be close friends for life.

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