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Apply These 7 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Security Camera System

Your home security system is only as effective as your security camera system. If your system does not have cameras, it is time to upgrade to a system that does. However, once in place, you may be wondering what steps you can take to enhance the overall function and success it offers. There are various ways camera systems can boost security and convenience at your home. All you need are a few tips to making it possible.

    #1: Have home monitoring services

    The best way to get more from your security camera system is to insure it is a part of your 24 hour monitoring service. This service gives you peace of mind because it ensures someone is always available to answer an alarm trigger and get help to you right away.

    #2: Cover not just doors, but windows

    Large windows, especially those near the ground require enhanced video to ensure they are protected as well. Someone trying to get into your home is likely to be deterred if he or she sees a camera in place. A properly placed one on all windows makes this possible.

    #3: Ensure the alignment is just right

    Check the alignment of your cameras on a regular basis. Specifically, ensure they are aligned with important areas, such as a foot or two away from the door and at about 5 to 6 feet high. Don’t positioning them directly on the door, but on the face of whoever is at the door.

    #4: Invest in doorbell cameras

    To enhance home security, cameras may not be enough. Have a doorbell camera put in place. This allows you to see who is at the door long before you go near it to open it. It can also capture important video before someone tries to break in.

    #5: Use the remote apps!

    You have them if you have a home automation system from Vivint. You’ll need to use them, though. Using them often allows you to check on your camera’s function and allows you to know what is happening at your home at any given time.

    #6: Invest in HD video cameras inside your home

    You can also benefit from investing HD video cameras on the interior of your home. This can help you to know what’s happening when you are not there. You can use it to make sure the babysitter is doing his or her job, make sure the dog isn’t ruining the carpeting, and even use it to see who comes into your home throughout the day.

    #7: Have a technician inspect them for you

    If your camera system is older, it may be beneficial to have a technician inspect and realign or improve your cameras for you. Do this at least one time each year to ensure the best function possible. It is also a good idea to have your security camera system linked to your home security and home automation systems. That gives you ample protection no matter where you are.