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Self-Driving Cars Will Change Everything About Driving

After a new home, vehicles are the biggest investment most people will make in their lives. With newer technology adding incredible features to cars, the upsell potential is easy to see. Everything from heated and cooled seats to touch-screen navigation makes the driving experience more luxurious, and recent news that self-driving cars are right around the corner is a sign that this option is closer for everyone.

Current technology paves the way

Today's vehicles are now required to have rear-view backup cameras, and many offer the option of 360-degree video views while driving and even a bird's-eye view of the car from above. Sensors all over the vehicle alert the driver when they are departing their lane without signaling, preventing a crash if the driver isn't paying attention. They also alert the driver if another car is getting too close, acting as a sort of enhanced defensive driving capability.

New SUVs with safety options will engage the brakes if they sense the car in front is braking and your car is approaching too quickly. Cruise control not only keeps cars driving at a steady speed, but now slows down if it senses the vehicle in front has slowed down or the speed limit requires it to. The car will speed up to the indicated speed once again when traffic conditions allow for it.

Considering the current capabilities of newly manufactured vehicles, it's unsurprising that a car that also drives for you will be available soon.

The self-driving car is almost here

Cars that drive themselves won't be that different from what vehicles are capable of now, beyond actually turning the wheel. Connecting the GPS interface to the steering wheel is really the main supplement of a self-driving car, and with advanced technology serving as the cohesive force behind how it all works together, it may be safer on the roads than ever before.

A self-driving car can't text, won't doze off and won't window shop when it should be watching the road ahead. It will be able to sense a distracted pedestrian — even in the dark or when the weather makes vision for humans difficult — and a road full of self-driving cars will likely lead to fewer traffic incidents and less rush-hour congestion.

The future of self-driving cars includes vehicles that can work with satellite technology to find parking spots, which can save more time. There's potential for a self-driving car with an intoxication sensor, which would bring an inebriated passenger safely and directly home without permitting him or her to operate the vehicle or override any of its functions. This could save lives.

Finally, self-driving cars will allow disabled people, elderly people and those with impaired vision to live a mobile and social lifestyle. It's possible that next to the smart home, a self-driving car is the smartest invention yet.

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