Jan 23, 2017|

Security Flaws Intruders Don't Want You to Know About

There are two types of security system experts: those who work in the industry, and those who work to circumvent them. Home invasion has been on the rise for the last five years. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reported over 10.4 million break-ins and property theft cases throughout the nation. That’s 8% of households across the country.

See what real burglars say they look for when choosing a target home.

With unauthorized entry so prevalent, every homeowner must be more cautious. Simply having a home security system installed is not enough to keep you and your family safe. Here are five security flaws intruders don’t want you to know about. Don’t worry, we also included the simple solution to each one.

1. If your alarm’s panel is visible from the front door, it’s not safe

Doors with large, decorative windows are common in many houses today. They look great and add functional curb appeal. Unfortunately, they also allow burglars to take a much-needed look into your home.

If your security system’s panel is visible from your front door, intruders gain an advantage. A clear line of sight allows a potential thief to see whether or not your alarm is armed. It also gives them important information about your home’s security level.

Simple Solution: Place a potted plant or other entryway decoration between your door and panel. Blocking your alarm panel from the front door’s view keeps your home’s security a mystery to intruders.

2. Your alarm only works when it’s set

How often have you left your home for “just a minute” and not armed your security system? We all do it on occasion. That quick trip to the store is a golden opportunity for burglars to enter your home undetected and quickly swipe valuables.

Simple Solution: Make arming your alarm system a regular part of your routine. If you need a reminder, check out our simple home security checklist. Creating a habit of activating your system before walking out the door reduces your chances of being caught off guard by home invaders.

3. Alarms deter burglar’s from break-ins

An alarm system won’t physically prevent an intruder from entering your home, but simply having one installed will make them second guess breaking in.

The University of North Carolina Charlotte recently published a study where they interviewed 422 randomly selected incarcerated burglars about their decision-making process. About 60% of the burglars interviewed said the presence of an alarm would cause them to target a different home.

Simple Solution: Ensure your home is protected by a working alarm system. The system will deter many potential burglars and provide a fast emergency response if a break-in does take place.

4. You should have a sensor on your master bathroom’s window

Many people keep their valuable jewelry and expensive electronics in their bedroom. In a thief’s mind, the master bath’s window is less likely to have alarms or sensors than the bedroom window. This makes it the perfect entrance into your home.

Once in the home, the burglar has direct access to your master bedroom and all valuables kept there. This entry point is especially dangerous if the break-in occurs at night. A bathroom entry leaves you and your spouse in the burglar’s direct path.

Simple Solution: Install one of your security system’s sensors in this window. The added protection gives you peace of mind and prevents entry directly to your bedroom.

5. Your neighbors will ignore breaking glass

Having neighbors close by does help prevent break-ins. In fact, that same UNC Charlotte study shows most of the burglars interviewed used the proximity of other people as a deciding factor while choosing a target. However, even the nosiest neighbors are unlikely to investigate the sound of a window breaking. A quick glance out the window often does not lead to a 911 call. The delayed emergency response leaves your home vulnerable to thieves.

Simple Solution: Alert your neighbors if you are leaving town for an extended period. Their watchful eyes and your armed security system will keep your home safe from potential intruders.

Home security systems are essential for keeping your family safe. Alarms, sensors, and cameras all play an important role in keeping your home secure and comfortable. Combining a modern security system with a little extra diligence makes a huge difference in your home’s security.

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