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Nov 17, 2021|
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For so many of us, a home is more than just an asset. They’re a backdrop for treasured memories, a gathering place, a sanctuary from the hectic world around us. As far as personal possessions are concerned, few are as valuable, financially and emotionally, as our homes – which is why it’s important to take all necessary precautions to protect them from catastrophes, especially ones as devastating as fires.

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According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a home fire was reported every 89 seconds in 2020 equaling an average of 358,500 home structural fires. On average the property loss caused by home fires is close to $8 billion with the average homeowner’s insurance claim coming in right around $80,000. Sadly, around 3,000 people die each year as the result of a home fire and additional 11,000 are injured. In short, home fires, large or small, can be devastating across the board.

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Most fires start in the kitchen

The overwhelming consensus from the NFPA and other fire prevention organizations is that cooking is by far the number one cause of home fires with unattended cooking being the primary cause of the kitchen fires. While a kitchen fire is alarming enough, it’s important to remember that fires that start in the kitchen can spread quickly to other parts of your home resulting in devastating property and personal loss.

With bustling kitchen being part of most of our holiday traditions, it’s no surprise that cooking-related home fires peak during around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays. In fact, the NFPA reports that the days with the most cooking related fires are Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day.

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Whether it’s a lavish holiday meal for loved ones or a quick and easy dish during week, the best solution for a kitchen fire is prevention. Here are some tips to cook safely during the holidays and year-round:

  • Ensure all your smoke alarms are working
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy, and know how to use it
  • Don’t leave pots, pans and other potential fire hazards unattended
  • Be extra cautious and use oven mitts when handling hot items
  • Contain hot grease by using a splattering screen/grease catcher
  • Do not throw water on a grease fire. Smother the flames with a lid instead, learn how
  • Keep your cooking area clear of flammable items
  • Double check to ensure your stove and oven are turned off after cooking
  • If you can’t quickly control the fire, get out, close the door behind you to slow the spread of flames, and call 911.
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Vivint Smoke Alarm to the Rescue

For those times when, despite your best efforts, disaster still strikes – we’ve got you covered with the Vivint Smoke Detector. It’s no surprise that experts agree smoke detectors play a vital role in home and fire safety. After all, according the Department of Homeland it can take just 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a major blaze. In other words, when you experience a home fire, there is no time to waste. The Vivint Smoke Detector is fast, accurate, and more than your average smoke alarm. Not only does the built-in monitoring call for help as soon as the alarm is triggered, but custom actions allow you to have your doors automatically unlock when an alarm is triggered making it easier for you to get out and emergency personnel to get in.

Set up this custom action:

That’s not all. Your Vivint system is designed to shut down your home’s HVAC system anytime a smoke alarm is triggered to prevent flames from spreading quickly. The Vivint Smoke Detector continues to work and communicate with Vivint during power outages and can sync with your existing hard-wired smoke detectors. If that wasn’t enough to put your mind at ease, their photoelectric sensors detect excessive heat as well as smoke meaning you are alerted about undetected fires before you even smell the smoke.

Install a Vivint Smoke Sensor Today

Don’t wait for disaster to strike to take the necessary steps to protect your home and loved ones. To find out how a Vivint system can keep your kitchen and home safe and sound during the holidays and all year long, contact our Smart Home Pros at 855.822.1220 for a free consultation today. If you’re an existing customer, click here to add devices to your system.

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