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5 Myths about Security Systems

It is a sad fact of life that the world is becoming a more, not a less dangerous place. It seems that you cannot pick up a newspaper, turn on the television, or catch a news break on the radio without being inundated with a flood of stories about break ins, home invasions, strong-arm robberies, or other acts of violence being committed against people and property.

The most amazing thing about all of this, though, is that, while today's technology makes it easier than ever to protect ourselves, many people choose not to. They will give many excuses for this shortsightedness, most of which are grounded in misconceptions or downright myths. That is the purpose of this article: to dispel this misinformation and bring light to the subject of security systems.

Myth #1

Security systems are expensive.

This is perhaps the saddest of all misconceptions about home security systems. The fact is that, as technology has advanced, the components that make up security systems have become much less expensive. There are now systems that will fit any budget, many that are actually cheaper than your monthly cable bill, and when you consider the discount that most insurance companies give you for having a security system, they are almost free.

Myth #2

Security systems are only for the wealthy.

Your property is no less valuable to you than the next person’s. Rich or poor, everyone has things worth protecting. In fact, it is not the loss of valuables that most people find most crushing; it is the loss of keepsakes and the feeling of security that all should be able to enjoy in their own home.

Myth #3

Security systems are complicated.

Nothing could be further from the truth. With a system like the Sky Smart Security System from Vivint, not only is the installation process simple, causing minimal disruption to your home, but operating the system could not be easier.

The entire system connects with your smart phone, giving you the ability to monitor your home and control all of its features, down to locking your doors with a simple application that is intuitive to operate.

Myth #4

I'm in a safe area and have insurance. I don't need a security system. First, what is a safe area? Thieves break into homes and businesses in every area. The only difference being that it is the most professional and successful (read “harder to catch”) robbers who work the so-called better parts of town. You may think that your neighbors will watch out for you, but they can't be looking all the time, and a good thief knows how not to look like a thief and therefore won't raise suspicion.

As far as insurance is concerned, is it going to replace your lost personal or business finance information: SS numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and confidential information? To a professional thief, this information is pure gold and worth more than any watch or stereo that your insurance company might replace.

Myth #5

By the time authorities respond to an alarm, it is too late. Why bother? The truth is that half of keeping your home safe is making it as undesirable a target as possible. Given the choice between a house that is secured with an alarm system and one that is not, thieves will choose the easier, less risky target every time.

Add to this fact that FBI reports clearly show that one of the best ways to minimize official response times, whether it is to a break-in, fire, or strong-arm robbery, is with an automated alarm call.

Considering all the advantages that a security system can bring to your home and the relatively low cost of today’s systems, there is really no reason not to provide your home or business with the very best protection available. Contact Vivint Security today for a free, no-obligation security analysis and cost estimate.