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Smart Thermostat: 10 Great Reasons You Need One

Smart thermostats are exactly that—smart. Able to collect information about your home's energy usage by accessing electrical components that indicate when your air conditioning or heating system is operating, they also indicate when you need to turn up a system or when you can turn it down or off completely.

Cool down this summer with a smart thermostat

By keeping track of home or business energy usage via an online account associated with their , users are able to pinpoint areas within the home and times of day that promote expensive misuse of energy and address this accordingly by making adjustments.

Don't think you need a smart thermostat? Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't be without one:

1. Control of your home's heating and air conditioning settings can be achieved remotely using your smartphone via Wi-Fi technology. For example, you can be away on business or on vacation and adjust your home's climate so that heat isn't wasted on warmer days and air conditioning isn't wasted on cooler days.

2. Smart thermostats can also be preprogrammed to initiate output when indoor temperatures reach a certain degree.

3. Information transmitted by a your thermostat is viewable on a personalized dashboard/webpage. This data includes current outdoor and indoor temperatures, whether the heating or cooling system is on or off, and issuance of alerts indicating that a problem exists or maintenance is needed.

4. Rigorously prioritize energy savings and home comfort with the seven-day programming capability.

5. Leaving for the Christmas holiday but don't want to return to a cold home? Turn up the heat several hours before you walk through the door to enjoy the benefits of being comfortable as well as making energy savings by keeping the temperature of your home at a minimum while you're away.

6. Smart thermostats may be integrated with compatible HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) devices, such as zoning systems or whole-house dehumidifiers, to give you complete comfort control.

7. Vivint's SkyControl smart thermostat system is also compatible with your security system.

8. Instead of squinting to read a tiny thermostat screen, smart thermostat technology provides you with an easy-to-read LCD touch screen.

9. You can control two thermostats instead of just one at a time. Both thermostats can be updated separately using your smartphone or laptop.

10. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners may save as much as 10 percent annually on their heating and cooling costs using a programmable thermostat. This simple statistic means you'll be saving more than 10 percent on energy costs when you use a preprogrammable smart thermostat to improve your ability to customize and control your home heating and cooling systems.

The bottom line

Smart, budget-conscious homeowners know that a smart thermostat can potentially save them hundreds of dollars every year on energy consumption and on wear and tear of HVAC devices. When combined with other Vivint smart home solutions, smart thermostats not only enhance the living quality of your home but also put you in control of the things that matter most to you—your family's physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.