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Orlando, Florida gets the best smart home technology in the nation

Looking for a simple-to-use alarm system for your Orlando, Florida home? Want to cut your utility costs while making your place more comfortable? Need to keep an eye on your property while you're at work, on vacation, or out for the evening?

With the Vivint Smart Home system, you can do all that and more - without any up-front costs, complicated controls, or ugly wires taped to your walls and ceiling. With its innovative, industry-leading system, best-in-class wireless technology, advanced digital communication, and real-time monitoring, Vivint Smart Home delivers a whole-home monitoring system that puts you in control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are just a few of the things that the Vivint Smart Home system can do for you:

  • Around-the-clock live video feeds from your Orlando Florida property that you can view from any mobile device, from anywhere in the world
  • Protect your home with motion sensors and HD security cameras
  • Guard against fire with the Vivint integrated smoke detector
  • Allow you to lock, and unlock, your exterior doors and garage using your smartphone
  • Let you control the heating and cooling systems in your home through the Vivint App
  • Give you full control over your security system, lighting, and home appliances using your voice
  • With the Vivint Smart Home system, you're always connected, and always in control.

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Smart security to keep Orlando residents safe

If you've ever experienced that deep feeling of dread that comes with realizing you left your front door unlocked, forgot to close your garage door, or left your house keys at work, you'll appreciate the advanced security features offered with the Vivint Smart Home System. Unlike most alarm systems that are only activated once a window is broken or a door is kicked in, the Vivint security system helps prevent break-ins at your Orlando Florida home with motion-activated alerts that are sent straight to your smartphone.

The high-quality outdoor HD security cameras provide you with crystal-clear views of your property, and you can see real-time images on any mobile device. Thanks to the infrared technology, you can even monitor your home after dark, making it tough for would-be thieves to target your home. You can even activate the motion detector feature, which sends immediate alerts to your smartphone when anyone moves within the range of your Vivint security cameras, providing you with the opportunity to call the police before a crime takes place.

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Vivint is the most intelligent smart home system in Orlando, Florida

While the Vivint Smart Home system delivers industry-leading security for your Orlando, Florida home, it also makes your life easier by automating your lights, heating and cooling, and door locks. The intuitive, easy-to-learn control panel and Vivint Sky App lets you adjust the temperature in your home whenever you want, from anywhere, so you can save money on your cooling costs while never compromising on your comfort.

Better yet, since Vivint is a true smart home system, it's intelligent. That means over time, the system will learn how your use your home and gradually adjust the lighting and temperature to match your unique needs and preferences. Not only does this feature transform your home into a more comfortable, more personalized space for you and your family, it helps you save money on your energy bills by turning off lights when you don't need them, and reducing your HVAC costs by setting your A/C to run when you're actually home.

In addition to the in-home control panel and Vivint Sky App, you can also control your home cooling, security system, lights, and connected appliances using your voice. That's right—as a true smart home system, Vivint is fully compatible with Amazon Echo, a voice-operated control hub that lets you operate all of your integrated devices using your voice. Welcome to the future!

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Orlando residents can get next-level smart home technology at affordable prices

If you're wondering how much all this advanced technology, high-quality equipment and industry-leading service costs, you'll love the fact that the Vivint Smart Home system is available right now in Orlando, Florida for much cheaper than you might think. In fact, Orlando, Florida residents who subscribe to Vivint Smart Home services get free professional installation of cameras, monitors, and motion detectors so you can begin enjoying the safety and security of this class-leading smart home system right away.

Our team of professional installers will custom-design your smart home system, and install everything for you - you won't have to spend hours trying to active your devices, program cameras, or upload complicated software. We'll leave you with a simple-to-operate, turnkey system that's worry-free, because after all, isn't that what a smart home system is supposed to do? For about the same price as what you're paying right now for your monthly cell phone service, you can enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind that the Vivint smart home system delivers - isn't your home worth it?

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