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Hialeah, Florida homeowners can upgrade their homes with the latest in smart home technology from Vivint

Whenever the latest and greatest smart technology comes out, we all want to get our hands on it. From coffee pots that start themselves in the morning to doorbells that ring to your phone, with full HD video and the ability to talk to those at your front door, tech gadgets capture the imagination. What isn't always easy involving these items is installing, coordinating, and controlling them. Vivint is changing all of that, and now Hialeah, Florida homeowners can experience the difference only a Vivint alarm system and smart technology can bring.

Vivint is the leading smart home provider in North America, with more than 1 million happy customers. With the power of our Vivint Smart Hub platform, you can provide a more secure environment for your family whether they're at home all the time or frequently travel. Best of all, you can also use Vivint technology and the Vivint app to lower your utilities and lessen your carbon footprint. Vivint Smart Hub is our smart home, intelligent learning platform that centralizes all your smart home components in one place.

Accessible from anywhere courtesy of the Vivint app, your new Vivint security system offers you intuitive navigation through our system and simple-to-use controls. You'll get all the following with Vivint:

  • Industry-leading devices that outperform the competition's cheap plastic.
  • Hassle-free smart home experiences with Vivint Pros ready to assist when needed.
  • Award-winning Smart Home Specialists who are just a few seconds away in an emergency.

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Hialeah, Florida residents want a security system that goes beyond crime prevention

The features included in Vivint service range from security sensors and cameras to control over lights, garage doors, and thermostats. Vivint serves as a second, third, and fourth set of eyes on your home when you can't be there to watch over it yourself.

Vivint puts more eyes in place and gives you peace of mind when you can't be home that your belongings are safe and your home will be there when you return. For example, Vivint smoke detectors are monitored 24/7 by our own highly-trained, award-winning in-house security monitoring team. With the help of photoelectric detection technology, Vivint alarm systems can detect increases in the heat signature in your home and send notifications to your mobile device via Vivint Smart Hub when smoke detectors are triggered.

Other benefits of Vivint services go beyond protecting the physical structure of your home to include:

  • Superior Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro: Our HD cameras record and store 20-second clips on our cloud-based DVRs. You'll receive notifications via Vivint Smart Hub on your app and the central control panel whenever motion is detected.
  • Integrated Motion Detectors: Our motion detectors used infrared technology to detect and capture any movement around the perimeter of your home, so nothing gets past our gaze.
  • Door & Window Sensors: Place sensors on the front door so you know when the kids get home from school, or use them to guard the liquor cabinet from your teenagers when you're out of town.

Retrofit your home with an intelligent, easy-to-use control systems

Vivint technology is different than the competition because it's not just smart, it's intelligent. Any programmable thermostat can promise to be smart technology by delivering control over hot/cold times in the house or even the ability to access the unit remotely. Only Vivint Smart Hub and our Vivint Smart Thermostat can help you actually save money during those hot, humid Hialeah, Florida summers.

With Vivint Smart Hub, you can access your Vivint Smart Thermostat from your bed using the control panel or from the office on your mobile device. If it's too warm for sleeping, just a few swipes on your smartphone's Vivint app and the AC kicks in to cool down the house. Vivint Smart Thermostat isn't just programmable and adjustable, it also learns your habits. Most people have similar patterns during the week, and equally memorable (albeit different) patterns on the weekend. Vivint Smart Thermostat can learn these comings and goings, adjusting the temperature on the fly, by itself, to ensure your home is cool when you need it to be, and not wasting money when you aren't around.

This way you aren't wasting money cooling a home no one is in. Get off work early? No problem, you can cool your home down earlier by accessing Vivint Smart Thermostat on Vivint Smart Hub through your mobile device.

Upgrade to Vivint so you can live more and manage less

If you though a smart home was out of your price range, now's the time to take a second look at Vivint technology services. Vivint makes it possible for every homeowner to enjoy the safety, security, and money savings of Vivint technology with affordable upgrades and industry-leading service. From installation to monitoring, Vivint is there to ensure you get the most out of your smart home package and alarm system.

When you act now, you'll get all of the following with your new Vivint upgrade:

  • A wide variety of equipment for your state-of-the-art system.
  • Fully connected and integrated smart home packages installed by Vivint Pros.
  • Installation and servicing of all third-party devices included, so you don't have to worry about rewiring or retrofitting.

You can get this all for less than you pay for a smartphone each month, so don't waste time. Contact Vivint today to find out more about what we offer to Hialeah, Florida residents.

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