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Using the SkyControl Panel With Your New Home

The Vivint SkyControl panel offers the latest in smart home technology, including a 7-inch touchscreen, a new mobile app, on-screen video and faster updates. With so many features, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, the cheat sheet below highlights just a few of the helpful features within the system.

Create thermostat schedules

With a few key presses, you can create thermostat schedules for your home. To get started simply tap "Devices," and then choose the smart thermostat you want to create schedules for. From there, select "Schedule" from the top right corner, and choose whether you want to set schedules for weekends or weekdays. You then choose the time and temperature to fit the desired settings, and let the panel take care of the rest.

Manage all your devices

One of the most important features of any smart home hub is having a central space for all your essential devices. With the Vivint SkyControl panel, you'll be able to turn lights on or off, lock and unlock doors and adjust your thermostats with a simple touch. From the home screen, tap "Devices" and choose the ones you'd like to adjust or manage, and then follow the individual prompts.

View live and shared video

The Vivint SkyControl Panel enables homeowners to easily view a live camera feed and saved clips with just a couple of taps. To access the live feed, simply select the "Camera" screen and then choose the desired camera feed. To view saved clips, use the buttons below the play icon. You can also manage your stored clips by creating recording schedules online.

Connect to your wireless networks

If your Wi-Fi network settings change, you can reconnect your panel to your network by following a few simple steps. To get started, select the "Settings" button on the home screen. Enter your four-digit passcode, tap "Networking" and then enter the network name and credentials. While the panel connects to the network, the screen will read "initializing," after which you can then test the connection by pressing "Test" from the menu.

Add a new user

Inviting family and close friends to access your Vivint system can be done in a manner of minutes. To get started, choose "Settings" from the home screen and enter your four-digit passcode. From there, tap "Users," select "Add User" and enter the name of the individual you're adding to the system. Once the user information is entered, you can tap their name to determine the level of access they're provided.

If you want the user to have remote access to your home, the panel will send a code that enables them to download the Vivint Sky app and then connect to the home.

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