Protect Your Medicine Cabinet With Home Automation

Toddlers get into everything, from high kitchen shelves with the crystal, to the medicine cabinet with the prescription medications and sharp tweezers. The Stone family has two toddlers, and Robin Stone works from home. The Stones thought having a parent work from home was a great way to keep eyes on their tots, but like most parents, they didn't realize how clever and slippery kids can be until they had their own.

Baby-proof the home

Robin is a writer with a home office. She checks on her children often, but at times is engrossed in her work and assumes that the children are still reading or snacking. Long periods of silence are usually a sign to check on things, but sometimes, one child is still in the next room being noisy, and sometimes time just escapes her and Robin doesn't realize it's been 30 minutes since she's looked in on her children.

One afternoon while Robin was working on a piece, she received an alert from Vivint that the medicine cabinet on the second floor was opened. She was in her office on the first floor, so she immediately dashed upstairs to find her 3-year-old sitting on the bathroom floor, covered in talcum powder and opening up a tube of lipstick.

The room was a mess, but when Robin spied her thyroid medication still on the shelf, she realized it could've been much worse. Having a sensor on the medicine cabinet alerted her in time to prevent any serious injuries from befalling her child.

Find comfort in added security

The Stone family has a smart home security system because they wanted a home with all the safety and convenience provided by home automation. Many safety features like the door and window sensors can be a godsend for parents with small, curious children. These are an enhanced way to baby-proof the home and possibly save children's lives. Window sensors can be used on all the home's windows, as well as any door in the house, especially those that should never be opened by a child.

The best home security systems work with your family to keep you safe, both from intruders and from dangers inside the home.

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