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Protect Your Home From Tricks This Halloween

“Trick or treat!”

In just a few days, homes all over the country will hear these words as costumed kids go door to door in search of candy. While most of these kids will happily collect their candy and be on their way, there are people — often bored teenagers — who lurk on Halloween looking for homes to trick.

Whether you plan to stay inside and pass out candy, host a party, or celebrate away from home, follow these Halloween safety tips to protect your home from tricksters:

Find out what goes bump in the night with security cameras

With a high-quality outdoor security camera, you can see what’s happening outside on your property around the clock. The best outdoor cameras have smart features like night vision and motion detection that activates recording. You can view the footage live (and catch pranksters in the act!) or watch it later.

Indoor security cameras can also help you keep tabs on what’s going on inside your house. The Vivint Ping Camera records what happens inside your home, and you can view the footage real-time with the Vivint Smart Home app. And for a bonus, the Ping camera's infrared night vision is also perfect if you want to catch your kids sneaking Halloween candy in the act!

See what’s happening at the front porch with a doorbell camera

You can expect your front porch to have a lot of activity on Halloween. With a doorbell camera, you can see trick or treaters coming and going and answer the door before they ring the bell. And if you have a dog that barks whenever the bell rings or a sleeping baby, this valuable feature will come in handy on Halloween.

The doorbell camera also senses motion and will record people at your front porch even if they don’t ring the bell. And with two-way talk, you can see and speak to pranksters before any mischief occurs. (It’s also one of many fun Halloween house ideas you can use with a smart home system.)

Protect your home from a break-in with a security system

Unfortunately, not all Halloween pranks are harmless fun. When it comes to Halloween safety, statistics show property crimes see a 24 percent1 increase on Halloween, with theft from homes and vandalism making up the majority of these crimes.

Burglars look for easy access points, and this often takes the form of a window or door. A home security system that includes door and window sensors and glass break detectors can help secure your home. If anyone tries to access your home through a door or window, the system sounds an alarm.

Keep tabs on your home wherever you go

If you’re going to be away from your home this Halloween, smart home monitoring can give you true peace of mind. This continuous monitoring will alert fire or police departments in the event something goes wrong, so you know things are taken care of even when you’re not home.

You can also keep an eye on your entire home with the Vivint Smart Home app. Turn your house lights on and off, view your doorbell camera, and check live outdoor camera video feeds from your smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

Halloween is all about fun, but sometimes that fun can come in the form of tricks and pranks. These Halloween safety tips will help keep your home safe so you can focus on having fun!


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