Feb 25, 2016|

Home Automation Can Improve Security and Reduce False Alarms

As a homeowner, your goal is to maintain and protect your home from any type of risk, including intrusions. While locking the doors and windows is important, it is not enough to ensure that your home is protected. With the help of home automation, though, you can have peace of mind. Home automation adds security, and it can even reduce the number of false alarms your home’s alarm system has in any given day.

Home automation creates security

One of the ways in which home automation can be incredibly beneficial to homeowners is by improving security. Motion lighting, for example, along with home security systems and automated features, can improve the safety of a home. In fact, it can make such a big difference that insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums to homeowners who have these features in place. This can mean as much as a 20 percent discount on what you pay for homeowners insurance. According to CleanTechnica.com, you may save up to $1,154 per year on homeowners insurance!

Why is this?

Take into consideration these reasons that home automation improves security:

  • It works to provide you with home security you don’t have to think about turning on or checking. That means that you don’t have to run back into the house, worry about timers, or deal with alarms going off.
  • These products allow you to manage your home’s security right from home or while you are anywhere else. Some products allow you to monitor your home’s automated systems right from a smartphone app, for example. This means that you constantly have a connection to your home.
  • It allows you to lock your doors and check to make sure they are locked from anywhere.
  • Home security systems with automation are more effective. Not only can they tell you if someone breaks in, but they can tell you where in the home it happened or what the risk is. This ensures greater accuracy and fewer false alarms.
  • You can use these systems to monitor your home as often as you need them to, whether you are at work or on vacation. You are still within reach of your home through automated services.
  • You’ll know what happens when you are not at home. It’s essential for you to be able to see what’s happening in your home. You cannot do this without automation.

Keeping this in mind, realize that home automation is very customizable. You can add the types of systems that are right for your home or your budget. You can program these systems to accomplish a variety of your goals. Most importantly, they can help you to feel safe at home. Whether you want ample security and high-tech features or automation that allows you to keep your home easily accessible, the right home automation system is exactly what you need. Invest in a system and watch your security increase.

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