​​Ho-Ho-Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season​​

Do you have plans to travel this holiday season? If so, tighten up your home security before leaving on a holiday trip. Here are some important tips to keep your property safe while away.

Before you go

Many of us enjoy a break during the holidays, visiting friends and family or catching some winter sun, if possible. Your windows and doors should be properly locked, but that's far from the only task.

Activate your alarm system and automate your lights. Fool anyone who watches your home into thinking there's someone present. Having lights on a timer gives the illusion of occupancy, and if a neighbor doesn't mind parking their car on your drive, that's a bonus.

Not many of us have automated curtains yet, but perhaps a neighbor you trust can pop in to open and close them for you. If you have a pet sitter coming to your home to feed an animal, they're often prepared to do that, as well as water your plants and remove any mail from the mailbox. It's worth asking.

Keep gifts out of sight during the festive season. Don't leave any beneath the Christmas tree as they could be seen through the window.

Mind the home's exterior

Remove any boxes and gift packaging from view. Take them straight to recycling, if necessary. It's easy to leave packaging near the house ready to be disposed of, but this only serves to advertise that there may be expensive toys or valuable gifts inside. Motion-sensitive lights and security cameras outside the home gives a burglar nowhere to hide.

Your festive lighting may look pretty and give your house the appearance of being lived in. However, homeowners typically trail a cable through an open window to plug them in, so avoid this scenario — even if it means foregoing some of your Christmas lights. You can't leave your house vulnerable while you aren't there. Instead, choose solar or battery-powered Christmas lights this year. It also may be worth investing in an outdoor electrical socket.

Other home safety ideas

There are a number of other precautions to take so your holiday is easier and safer:

  • Pay for gifts with a credit card. Some cards offer insurance for gifts if they're stolen.
  • Shred any receipts you don't need and file away warranties on gifts. Should these documents and receipts end up in your trash, thieves can steal personal details and commit identity theft.
  • Don't advertise the fact you'll be away for the holidays on social media or in your telephone answering message. Only divulge it to the few who need to know.
  • Tidy the surroundings to your home and remove anything like garden tools that could be used to gain entry. But beware of tidying up too much, which will make the house look unoccupied.
  • Finally, the days of leaving a door key under the mat for a neighbor are long gone. It's much better to consider installing a smart lock so you can let someone in remotely.

By employing a few of these important safeguards, you'll increase your home security and feel able to enjoy the holidays without worry.

To learn more about keeping your home safe during all seasons, speak with a Vivint representative today.

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