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Garage Door Controllers: Secure Your Garage From Anywhere

As Vivint continues to lead the world with innovative smart home technology and home security, it should be of little surprise to find that they also offer intelligently designed garage door controllers that allow you to monitor and secure your home's garage from anywhere.

See how innovation creates a better garage door control for your home

Interestingly enough, electric garage openers were invented in 1926 by C.G. Johnson. However, it is only with the continuing evolution of smart home technology that it can be monitored, and opened or closed from anywhere. These invaluable innovations offer any number of benefits for homeowners everywhere.

Improved home security

While garages make great additional storage spaces for your home, not only for vehicles but for additional items as well, they are also well-known entry points for burglars. This is why garage door controllers are such an important aspect of your home security system. Although, for additional security it is recommended that you install an additional lock on the door that leads from the garage to your home.

Monitor from anywhere

When used with the Vivint Tilt Sensor, you can check your door's status from the Vivint mobile app, your online account or the SkyControl panel. This eliminates the worry that you may have accidentally left it open, because you can check it anytime, from anywhere. Additionally, Vivint will automatically send notifications alerting you to your door's status.

Control from anywhere

Whether you are at home, at work, on vacation or outside in your driveway, Vivint's Garage Door Controller allows you to automatically open or close your garage via the Vivint SkyControl panel, Vivint Sky mobile app or by logging in to the online Account Center. This means that you'll never again have to worry about driving all the way home because you forgot to shut the door.

Your controller provides additional safety

Garage doors have been known to pose safety risks in their own right. With Vivint's controller, anytime you open or close the door through the Vivint Sky app or the SkyControl panel, the system will automatically alert those in the vicinity that it is about to begin moving by making an audible beeping alert accompanied by a flashing light. This gives others in the area plenty of time to move out of the way.

Smart home convenience

With the advancements being made in smart home technology and automatic controllers, gone are the days when—rain or shine—you had to exit your running vehicle, unlock and open the garage, return to the vehicle and drive in, and then close the door from the inside. Now, you can easily save energy, improve security and monitor your home's garage door status with the push of a few buttons via Vivint's SkyControl panel, its mobile app or the online Account Center. As an added convenience, you can also personalize your experience by customizing the notifications that you receive.

Find out more about securing your home with a Vivint Garage Door Controller today!