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For the past 10 years, Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand, has compiled an annual list of companies that exemplify the best in innovation. Vivint Smart Home joins other top innovators on the list including Amazon, Google, Apple, Airbnb, Spotify and Facebook.

Why Vivint Smart Home is One of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

​5 Mistakes Weakening Your Home Security​

Home security is important, and sometimes we'll feel like the home is secure, when it's not. Homeowners can do things that unintentionally put their houses at risk. Here are five examples that could make your home more vulnerable to burglary or other suspicious activity.

1. You don't have outdoor lighting.

It's important to have outdoor lighting — preferably motion sensitive lighting — so that undesirables can't move around your home undetected. This will immediately alert you to something or someone that's moving outside and allow you to see what's going on.

2. Your landscaping is poorly maintained.

If your landscaping is out of control, you may offer a great hiding place to those who don't have the best intentions. Maintain the yard and don't let bushes, trees and other thick plants run wild to the point that you can't see what's going on.

3. It looks like no one's home.

If your home looks unoccupied, it's more likely to be a target. Instead of leaving your home dark and silent, it should appear occupied. Create the illusion of a full home by installing timer switches with different activity pattern options. You can also leave the television or radio on if you'll only be out for a few hours and ask neighbors to open and close curtains and collect mail if you'll be gone for an extended period.

4. Your entryways aren't completely secure.

Entryways like doors, fences and garages are the most obvious access points into your home. Ensure all doors have proper lighting and reliable locks, preferably smart locks. These principles also apply to garage doors. Smart garage door controls will notify you if — and when — the garage door is left open and allow you to operate it with your mobile device.

5. You don't have a home security system.

The best way to ensure your home isn't an easy target is to install a home security system. Features can range from doorbell and security cameras to window motion detectors and the aforementioned garage door controls. If you do install a security system, make sure you're provided with a yard sign that says the home is protected, as it's another deterrent for would-be burglars.

Home security is something everyone should take seriously. Ensure you're not weakening it by making simple changes that will allow you to feel more secure when in the home and have more peace of mind while you're away.

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